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DCU_Freeforall Table (Diana/Steve)

Yes, I've taken the plunge! :) I made a claim on saavikam77's dcu_freeforall comm and chose Steve/Diana as my pairing. I knew I'd have the market cornered there! ;) I chose 15 prompts and hope to have a nice mix of short and long fic and bring in other characters as well! :)

Claimed: 1/27/09

Completed: 3/26/12-7/1/12

The fic requests I've taken the past two years is very similar to this claiming, but it's still different enough to keep things fresh for me! :)

The table is Custom so that's why it jumps all over the place and has no theme. I mean, where else can you get prompts of 'scar/scarred', 'laughter', and 'blood' side-by-side? ;)

This is definitely my project for 2009.

Diana/Steve Prompt Table for the DCU_FFA

T2; P18mind control T2; P37magic T3; P20armor T3; P65jet T8; P44pilot
T10;P10crystal T10;P26Library of Alexandria T10;P38ritual T11;P8laughter T12;P42scar/scarred
T12;P51blood T13;P23where are my pants? T14; P6love at first sight T16; P25flood (writer's choice) T16; P46sunrise (writer's choice)

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Tags: challenge, dcu_freeforall, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman
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