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Quick 'Housekeeping' Update! ;)

A few little 'housekeeping' updates! ;)

Many thanks to pervyficgirl, wachey, and aranel_took for volunteering to help me with the BradyGirl_12 Banners Project! There are still many openings (some with current Challenges), so I'd appreciate any help you can give me! :)

In fact, pervyficgirl completed the 2008 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art Calendar Challenge banners, which are lovely, and I thank her very much! :)

Now just to find time to upload a bunch of new banners on my Profile Page! LOL!

My LJ Re-Organization is coming along, slow but steady! ;) The Potpourri Archive has had all the dates added, and there will be a major re-organization of that page, but it won't be for awhile yet, as I'm doing all the links pages a little at a time. Dates first, other changes after! :)

I did create the Steve/Diana Fiction Archive, as they were starting to rack up the numbers! :) There will be a note on the Potpourri Archive for anyone clicking on pre-2009 stories to lead them to the new page.

I'm trying to keep things simple! :) I figure that the Internet and LJ are ephemeral, anyway, so why labor a lot of woman-hours? But I really did need to re-organize a few things, so in between writing, I'll be doing some 'housekeeping' in 2009. ;)
Tags: 2008 wonder woman love fic/art calendar, archive, bradygirl_12 banners project, challenge, lj, potpourri, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman
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