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Steve/Diana (Steve Trevor/Wonder Woman) Fiction Archive

This page is for all my Steve/Diana (Steve Trevor/Wonder Woman) fiction. Since my stories starring these two have been expanding, it's time for their own page! :)

Links from 2009 on will lead to this page. Links before that will lead to the old page (Potpourri) with a note leading people here.

Series with multiple characters/pairings will only list those concerning Steve/Diana here. All other segments can be found at DC Comics Potpourri.

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory (5/7/07)

Amazons are bringers of peace, but are also experts in the art of war.

Chapter One: Terrible, Swift Sword

Chapter Two: The Glory Of The Morning

A Little Slice Of Paradise (6/9/07)

Diana contemplates the love she shares with Steve.

The Golden Eagle Series

Steve/Diana stories set in Earth-2's Golden Age will be under this title.

Golden Eagle I: Bright-Gold (7/19/07)

After a savage battle, Wonder Woman searches for the man she loves.

Golden Eagle II: Santa's Little Helper (12/22/08)

Diana has a surprise for Steve at the JSA Christmas party.

Golden Eagle III: Christmas Cookies (12/26/13)

Steve and Diana help out Ma Hunkel at the Justice Society of America headquarters and enjoy the holiday season.

Golden Eagle IV: Gingerbread Reindeer, Snowmen And Peppermint Sticks (12/17/14)

Christmas in wartime can be both merry and sad.

Golden Eagle V: Beaten Gold (Steve/Diana, Jay/Joan) (1/25/19)

Diana and Steve do their best to enjoy the holidays before Steve ships out to England.

Chapter One: Pie Men

Chapter Two: Cozy

They Killed Another Kennedy! (8/4/07)

In June of 1968, Steve and Diana struggle with violence in-country and back home.

Chapter One: Reunion (June 3, 1968)

Chapter Two: Ruby-Red-And-Silver (June 4, 1968)

Chapter Three: Forever (June 4, 1968)

Chapter Four: Moonlight, Glittering (June 4, 1968)

Chapter Five: "The World Will Break Our Hearts Eventually" (June 5, 1968)

Chapter Six: Angels In The Clouds (June 6, 1968)

The Princess And The Pilot Series

Stories of the early days of the Steve/Diana relationship.

The Princess And The Pilot I: Terms Of Endearment (9/3/07)

Steve has a question to ask of his Amazon.

The Princess And The Pilot II: Snow Angel (1/6/08)

Diana enjoys her first snowfall.

The Princess And The Pilot III: Love Day (2/11/08)

Diana is curious about Valentine's Day.

Chapter One: Lacy Hearts And Cupids

Chapter Two: To Honor Aphrodite

The Princess And The Pilot IV: Syrupy-Sweet (1/20/09)

After a traditional Valentine’s Day date, the morning after promises the unconventional for the lovers. ;)

The Princess And The Pilot V: First Yule (12/20/09)

Diana and Steve celebrate their first Yule together.

The Princess And The Pilot VI: Destiny's Joy (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (12/30/09)

Diana and Steve attend a glittering New Year's Eve ball, and meet some dear friends.

The Princess And The Pilot VII: From The Sky (3/26/12)

Destiny is met as it is love at first sight for Steve and Diana.

Chapter One: Morning In Paradise

Chapter Two: Fallen Angel

Chapter Three: Violet Light

Chapter Four: Patience

Chapter Five: Angel

Chapter Six: Quiet Time

Chapter Seven: "It Is Time"

Chapter Eight: Brave New World

The Princess And The Pilot VIII: "Trick-Or-Treat!!!" ;) (10/8/13)

Diana is delighted to experience her first Halloween in Man’s World.

The Princess And The Pilot IX: Different Prisms (8/23/14)

Steve and Diana experience their first serious argument.

The Strange Brew Series:

Zatanna, Salem (Massachusetts), and Halloween all make for a volatile mix! ;)

Strange Brew (In addition to Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana and many others!) (10/18/07)

Zatanna hosts a Halloween Ball in order for the superhero and magickal communities to learn more about each other in a relaxed setting.

Chapter One: Witches' Brew

Chapter Two: You Are Invited...

Chapter Three: Marvelous, Magical Night

Chapter Four: Gods And Amazons

Chapter Five: By The Deep Blue Sea...

Chapter Six: Mists Of Desire

Chapter Seven: Cool Fire, Rainbow Desire

Chapter Eight: Morning's Mists

Chapter Nine: Quite The Show!

The New Frontier Series:

Well, it’s no secret that I absolutely love Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier! As I read it I got all sorts of ideas, and will collect them under the umbrella title, The New Frontier. Stories could range from slash to (gasp!) gen and het. :) I’d like to focus on many different characters within the framework of The New Frontier universe, or use it as a jumping-off point.

The New Frontier II: Yankee Pot Roast (Clark, Bruce, Diana) (Gen) (6/10/10)

The Trinity meets for lunch.

The New Frontier III: Pillow Talk (Steve/Diana, Bruce/Selina) (4/3/11)

On a double date, the participants decide to go for casual instead of elegant.

Stars' Dust (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce/Dick) (9/23/07)

The weight of Immortality is finally crushing Diana.

Chapter One: Ashes to Ashes...

Chapter Two: Golden

Strange Brew (In addition to Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, and many others!) (10/18/07)

Zatanna hosts a Halloween Ball in order for the superhero and magickal communities to learn more about each other in a relaxed setting.

Chapter One: Witches' Brew

Chapter Two: You Are Invited...

Chapter Three: Marvelous, Magical Night

Chapter Four: Gods And Amazons

Chapter Five: By The Deep Blue Sea...

Chapter Six: Mists Of Desire

Chapter Seven: Cool Fire, Rainbow Desire

Chapter Eight: Morning's Mists

Chapter Nine: Quite The Show!

The Family Series (Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana, and many others!)

The joining of Superhero families through love.

Family I: Thanksgiving (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, and many others!) (11/16/07)

Bruce and Clark preside over Thanksgiving dinner at Wayne Manor.

Family II: Christmas Eve (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, and many others!) (12/25/07)

The Kents host the superhero families at the farm.

Chapter One: Warm Gingerbread And Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Chapter Two: Smorgasbord Of Love

Chapter Three: White Christmas

Family III: Competitive Cooking (or The Year That Alfred Saved Thanksgiving!!!) ;) (Clark/Bruce, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana, Dick/Roy) (11/20/12)

When Bruce and Ollie decide on a cooking competition, woe unto the kitchen! ;)

20 Random Facts About Diana (Wonder Woman) (12/13/07)

Just as the title says! :)

The Stained Glass Series

Stained Glass I: Shattered (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (1/28/08)

Diana and Steve’s love has always been strong, and they have always had each other’s back. Now they need that strength and teamwork when they are captured during a war on an alien planet.

Chapter One: Sun's Gold

Chapter Two: Spoils Of War

Chapter Three: Vengeance

Chapter Four: Bright Gold

Chapter Five: Shadowed Sun

Chapter Six: Jagged

Chapter Seven: Broken Glass

Chapter Eight: Molten Glass

Chapter Nine: Stained Glass

Chapter Ten: Sun's Warmth

Stained Glass II: Jagged (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (4/11/10)

Steve struggles to come to terms with what happened to him on an alien planet.

Chapter One: The Cold, Cold Sea

Chapter Two: Not The Only One

Chapter Three: "Just You And Me"

Chapter Four: Tea By-The-Sea

Morning-Gold At The Watchtower (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (2/15/08)

On a routine Monitor Duty shift at the Watchtower, Diana finds that it takes a surprising turn.

Chapter One: Primed

Chapter Two: Pleasured

The End Of All Things (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Ollie/Dinah, Linda/Barbara) (2/26/08)

Can a new world arise from the ashes of the old?

Chapter One: Destiny

Chapter Two: Stone Angels

Chapter Three: Triangle

Chapter Four: Paradise Lost

Chapter Five: Ribbons Of Sunlight

Chapter Six: Rain-Streaked

Chapter Seven: Diamond Sunlight (With A Touch Of Rainbow)

Chapter Eight: The Final Battle

Chapter Nine: Goodbyes

Chapter Ten: Long Live The Queen!

The Jig's Up! (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Ollie/Dinah) (3/17/08)

Irish eyes are smiling. ;)

Chapter One: Super-Secret Decoder Ring

Chapter Two: Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Chapter Three: Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Chapter Four: Stars 'N' Shamrocks

The Jewels In The Crown Series

Stories using Diana's intriguing Amazon background.

Jewels In The Crown I: Hera's Chalice (4/16/08)

When Queen Hippolyta sends a precious Amazon artifact to America with an Amazon guard, both cause Diana and Steve no end of trouble.

Chapter One: The Treasure Precious

Chapter Two: The Athens Of America

Chapter Three: Works Of Art

Chapter Four: Jewels Of The Mind

Chapter Five: Old Flames

Chapter Six: The Crown Jewel

Chapter Seven: Food Of The Gods (Part 1)

Chapter Seven: Food Of The Gods (Part 2)

Chapter Eight: Burning

Chapter Nine: Good Taste

Chapter Ten: Justice

Chapter Eleven: Hera's Haven

Chapter Twelve: Offering

Jewels In The Crown II: Heritage (Diana, hint of Steve/Diana) (7/11/09)

Queen Hippolyta teaches a restless Diana about her royal heritage.

Jewels In The Crown III: Fragments (8/2/11)

An important archeological discovery leads Diana and Steve to the Library of Alexandria site in Egypt.

Chapter One: An Amazing Discovery

Chapter Two: By The Grace Of Sappho

Chapter Three: Solarium

Chapter Four: Suffering Sappho

Chapter Five: The Mists Of Alexandria

Precious Jewels (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (6/3/08)

After a close call, Diana and Clark commiserate about the fragility of mortal lovers.

Apollonian Rose (6/8/08)

Yellow roses and broken hearts.

Grains Of Sand (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, mention of Linda/Barbara) (7/20/08)

Immortality doesn't suit everyone.

The By-The-Sea Series:

Stories of various DCU couples will appear under this title.

By-The-Sea III: Angel Baby (7/25/08)

1961 was a very good year.

Chapter One: Mr. & Mrs. O'Reilly

Chapter Two: Lobsters And Linguini

Chapter Three: Abundant Fields

Chapter Four: "You Always Know What I Need"

Chapter Five: Narragansett, Neccos, And Fenway Franks

Chapter Six: Pillbox Hats, Tieclips, And Capri Pants

Chapter Seven: Old Cape Cod

Chapter Eight: Lazy Sunday

Chapter Nine: Dancing Hot Dogs Cut The Mustard

By-The-Sea V: A Day At The Beach (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (7/25/09)

Chapter One: Morning Light

Chapter Two: Day So Bright

Chapter Three: Starlit Night

By-The-Sea VI: Clambake (Dick/Roy, Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana) (7/26/10)

Dick and Roy join Clark, Bruce, Steve, and Diana at the beach cottage for some relaxation.

By-The-Sea VIII: Early Morning Symphony (Clark/Bruce, mention of Steve/Diana and Dick/Roy) (6/20/11)

Clark loves the sounds of early morning by-the-sea.

By-The-Sea XV: Elemental (Steve/Diana) (7/29/11)

Diana and Steve walk the beach in harmony and happiness.

By-The-Sea XVI: Seaside Idyll (Steve/Diana) (DCU_BANG) (10/30/15—10/31/15)

After a bruising battle, members of the Justice League of America go off for rest and recovery, and Steve insists that Diana accompany him to a special place.

Chapters: One--Four

Chapters: Five--Seven

By-The-Sea XVII: Fishy Business ;) (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (6/14/16)

The Trinity Plus One enjoys a day of deep-sea fishing off Cape Cod. :)

By-The-Sea XVIII: Moonlight Lemonade (Steve/Diana) (8/24/16)

When Steve suffers a crisis of confidence, Diana is there to help him.

By-The_Sea XIX: Clambake ;) (Steve/Diana) (2/9/18)

Steve and Diana celebrate New Year’s Eve on a romantic South Seas island. :)

By-The_Sea XX: Stars And Sea ;) (Steve/Diana) (5/31/19)

Steve and Diana, Stars and Sea. ;)

The Body Sings (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (8/2/08)

Power and its attractions for mere mortals.

Chapter One: Love And Power

Chapter Two: Song Of The Amazon

Chapter Three: Song Of The Kryptonian

Chapter Four: Bonds

Chapter Five: Keystones

Home (8/25/08)

When Diana needs to rejuvenate, she knows where to go.

The Sword Of Vengeance Series

In this alternate universe, the Amazons return with a vengeance.

Sword Of Vengeance I: Victory! (8/30/08)

The Amazons return to Earth with vengeance as their mission.

What Is Needed, Is Given (9/16/08)

Diana and Steve give to each other what is needed.

Tales Of A Wayside Inn (12/10/08)

Diana treats Steve to a romantic weekend at a special place.

Chapter One: Revolutionary

Chapter Two: Fireside Chat

Sun-Bonded (12/31/08)

Diana puts her Golden Lasso to good use. ;)

Boston Cream Pie (Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana) (1/4/09)

Dick and Roy are on the case at the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts.

Brand New Day (Steve/Diana, Ollie/Dinah, Dick/Roy, Clark/Bruce, Linda/Barbara) (1/22/09)

The Princess of Themyscira approves of America’s new direction as she attends Inauguration Day festivities.

Understanding (1/27/09)

After Wonder Woman does what she believes is necessary about villain Maxwell Lord, she is doubtful that anyone can understand.

A Princess, A Pilot, And Pizza! (2/1/09)

For Diana, pizza is more precious than gold over the rainbow. ;)

Top Gun (2/19/09)

Steve is a member of the elite fighter pilot fraternity...or has he sacrificed that membership to become Wonder Woman’s lover?

Chapter One: Star-Spangled Skirts

Chapter Two: The Fraternity

Chapter Three: Sacrifice

Chapter Four: Blue, Silver, Gold

Of The Blood (3/7/09)

So fragile these mortals be.

Paprika And Violets (4/3/09)

Everything is five-star when you’re together.

The Song Of Gaia (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Linda/Barbara) (4/21/09)

Diana and Clark discuss their connection to the Earth, and invite their loved ones to take part in a ritual to honor Gaia on Earth Day.

Crystal-Blue Persuasion (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (4/28/09)

Clark and Bruce invite Diana and Steve to the Fortress Of Solitude for the weekend. First, a dinner party.

Laughter, Joy, And Love (Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana, Ollie/Dinah, Hal/Steve) (6/2/09)

Diana and Steve’s relationship sparkles with laughter, and Clark enjoys observing them while thinking of his relationship with Bruce.

Unspoken (J'onn, Diana, Clark, Bruce) (Gen) (6/3/09)

Words are rarely needed among the Trinity.

The Jewels Of The Goddess Series

At the height of the Roman Empire, the Amazons live in peace on Paradise Island but are forever ready for war.

Jewels Of The Goddess I: Waiting For Rome (8/21/09))

At the height of the Roman Empire, the Amazons prepare for battle.

Jewels Of The Goddess II: Sweet As Wine (5/15/11)

Diana enjoys some private time with her beloved slave.

The Mistress Of Magic Series (Smallville)

Ollie and Zatanna find themselves well-suited to a D/s relationship.

The Mistress Of Magic I: Dinner Party (Ollie/Zatanna, Steve/Diana) (9/11/09)

Zatanna and Ollie welcome interesting guests to their dinner party.

"Three Dollars For A Lousy Bag Of Peanuts!" (10/2/09)

While on a commercial flight, Diana and Steve run into trouble.

Eve Of Battle (Diana, Clark, Bruce) (Gen) (10/7/09)

On the eve of battle, Diana waits with her comrades-in-arms.

Charming (11/20/09)

Steve wants to find the perfect gift befitting a Princess for their anniversary.

"Us Against The World!" (2/3/10)

Diana and Steve’s Valentine’s Day plans must go on hold as Diana returns home to perform her royal duties.

"My Future Mother-In-Law Is Queen Of All The Amazons!!!" (2/25/10)

Steve meets Diana’s mother face-to-face for the first time.

Chapter One: "Where Are My Pants?"

Chapter Two: Crossed Swords

Chapter Three: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Just Diana (6/12/10))

Diana is many things to many people. Sometimes she just needs to be herself.

Proud Eagle (9/15/10)

Steve loved Diana's costume.

Honor Among Thebes (10/14/10))

Diana and Steve understand what a Warrior must do.

Aphrodite's Aphrodisiac (Steve/Diana, Diana/Dinah) (11/28/10))

Can even a Goddess circumvent Destined Love?

War And Peace (Diana) (3/17/11)

Diana’s thoughts as she walks the battlefield.

Cherry Tomatoes 'N' Strawberries (9/3/11)

Diana treasures the simple things in life.

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! ;) (12/21/11)

Steve and Diana celebrate Yule.

Hurricane (10/30/12)

Steve and Diana wait out Diana’s first hurricane in Man’s World.

Roast Beef, Roses And You (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (2/12/13)

When Diana has to cancel their Valentine plans, Steve comes up with a solution to fix things. Clark and Bruce also get the benefits of his fix-it. ;)

Cherry Blossoms (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (6/2/13)

The Trinity and Steve keep watch in the White House during a State Dinner.

Partners (1/16/14)

While on a mission, Wonder Woman is confident of her back-up.

Facets (With Toppings Of Ham And Pineapple) ;) (6/3/14)

Steve clearly sees the many facets of Diana. ;)

The Great Amazonia (6/4/15)

The appearance of the Great Amazonia changes people’s lives.

The Watchtower Guardians Series

Stories about the support staff on board the JLA's Watchtower.

Watchtower Guardians I: All-American Hamburger With Extra Pickles (Steve/Diana) (8/26/15)

Pastry chef Jan O’Reilly observes Steve and Diana together on the Watchtower.

Watchtower Guardians II: Meatballs With Dill And A Touch Of Garlic (OC Narrator, Clark/Bruce, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana) (1/13/17)

It’s time for the annual JLA Christmas party on the Watchtower.

Happy Anniversary!!! :) (Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Jonathan/Martha, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana) (11/16/16)

Clark and Bruce celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. :)

The Mourning In America Series

This series will star various DC characters as they live under the new regime in America.

Mourning In America (I) (Steve/Diana) (12/19/16)

Diana and Steve try to make sense out of the 2016 Presidential election results (Hint: they can’t).

Gift Of The Gods (6/10/17)

Diana’s great deed brings her a great reward.

The First Snow (6/14/17)

Diana's great delight in her frist snowfall makes Steve happy.

The Long And The Short Of It (Pray Tell) (7/5/17)

Steve lied to Diana. Tsk, tsk!

On Halloween (10/20/17)

On one special night a year, Diana's heart aches a little less.

Pajama Talk ;) (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (4/15/18)

Diana takes Clark's sartorial advice, to Steve's delight and Bruce's chagrin. ;)

Sprinkled Stars (7/1/18)

Diana gazes up at the stars and remembers.

Rose-Strewn (7/20/2018)

The language of flowers tells a lovely story for Steve and Diana.

One Hundred Years (Diana, Steve.Diana) (11/4/18)

Diana revisits Veld, Belgium, on the 100th anniversary of its demise.

Comes The Thunder (6/3/20)

Diana and Steve philosophize around the campfire while the guns of war thunder in the distance.

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