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Chloiac Rules!!!

"Legion" (Episode 11) (Season 8) (January 15, 2009)

Ingenuity rocks! ;)

I had a lightbulb go over my head and found an old portable TV that my family bought ages ago. I stuck in new batteries and despite the weak signal (the CW is always weak), I saw tonight's Smallville! It'll only be an alternative until February 17th, but B&W and a picture going in and out is better than nothing! :) Besides, my wonderful sister is taping it, and I'll see it without snow and jitters and in color tomorrow. :)

Allison Mack ROCKS!!!

She really nailed Brainiac. Her appearance was due to make-up and other Hollywood tricks, but her acting was all hers. She really convinced me she was Brainiac!

The Legion and their admiration of Clark is canon, of course, the reason they came into being, and they were understandably disappointed that Clark couldn't fly or seemed uninterested in the hero game. But they learned, through do not kill (are you listening, Grant Morrison?), that the future Superman is worthy of admiration.

Garth seemed very young and not like the Lightning Lad I envisioned, but Saturn Girl (and Cosmic Boy?) seemed more like the characters in my head.

Snowy TV reception: was Chloiac's wedding dress no longer white?

I do like Lana has important in the future, but not purely as Clark's girl. I've always liked comics Lana. This Lana irritated me because of the producers' obsession with her, pushing Lex out!

The only thing about the 'never give up' theme that bugged me was the fact that Clark didn't try as hard for Lex. He realized his friend was still there when he was in Lex's mind and saw Alexander, but it's like that episode never happened. And Lex symbolically killed Alexander, anyway. >:(

So Chloe knows Clark's Secret again! Urgh!! Well, with Allison's expanded part, I guess she had to know again.

And Brainiac becomes Brainiac 5! Figures that Clark becomes best buddies with a previously-bloodthirsty enemy. ;)

Doomsday is still coming, Clark! *shivers*

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