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A Few Notes On Rainbow's Freedom (Paradise Arc)

So, the fourth arc of Rainbow’s Freedom has begun! :)

Time for another 37 chapters of the Epic! ;)

Also for the grammarians in the audience: I'm not one of those people who doesn't know how to use apostrophes! :) The title, Rainbow's Freedom, uses apostophe 's' because the rainbow in the title is singular. It was originally supposed to be "Freedom's Rainbow" but since my mind is contrary, it chose to transpose the words. :) If they were plural rainbows, I would have written it "Rainbows' Freedom". That misuse of the apostrophe drives me crazy out in the world and it bothered me that it would appear I was doing the same. :)

As always, my posting schedule will be at least one chapter per week if I can manage it, and more if my final revisions work well. The Date Of Completion is for the first draft only, as many revisions have taken place since then but essentially the first draft is the major bulk of the final chapter.

Our little Family is coming together quite nicely, and there is happiness to enjoy even with shadows of danger always on the edges.

Diana will make her appearance in this arc, but not for several chapters, and she will not play a major part yet, but her chapters are important.

As mentioned in the arc summary, Steve and Hal will meet their Destinies but will be unaware of it until things become clearer for them.

More Lex and Jamie, and the Queens welcome a new member of the Family. :)

There is a secret to be revealed, though not that of Clark’s true identity. That takes place in the seventh arc, because the fifth arc will be quite angsty, and the sixth? Quite decadent, I assure you! ;) I’m having fun coming up with kinky scenes for that one! ;)

The fifth arc is close to being completed in the Notebook, and then it’ll be all kinds of naughty fun! ;)

I’m having a blast writing this! I appreciate all your comments and your willingness to stick with me on this ride.

Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, paradise arc, rainbow's freedom, superman/batman
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