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Comm Rec : The Cop & The Billionaire

I'm in a recc'ing mood today. ;)

I'd like to rec nowweretwo, the Bruce/Jim comm from Nolanverse (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). You might say, well, I'm really not into that pairing, and that's cool, but if you're curious, this is the place to check it out! The stories and art are very high in quality and just draw you in. Our S/B friend hitokaji has done some fantastic comics!

And it's not all gloom 'n' doom, either, though of course due to the movieverse there's plenty of that. There's also lighthearted stuff, and I've posted two stories so far, Now We're Two I: Rain-Washed and Now We're Two II: Snow-Glittered with definitely more in my plot bunny pen! :)

A lot of comms and fic were Batman/Joker-oriented after The Dark Knight, but you may not be interested in that pair and Bruce/Jim may suit you much better! So, if you're looking for new fic, why not give Bruce and Jim a try? Gary Oldman is one sexy Commissioner! :) He was more of a sidekick in Batman Begins but is more of an equal in The Dark Knight. And since this 'verse will never see Dick or Clark in canon, Jim Gordon is the perfect partner for Bruce in their quest to save Gotham.
Tags: batman/jim gordon, bruce wayne/jim gordon, rec
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