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Robins 'N' Rainbows

Whew, caught up on the ol' flist after I saw a whole bunch of new goodies when I logged on this evening. Yippee! :) Always love new fics, thoughts, and other yummies when I enter the world of LJ.

Today was a beautiful day, all golden and blue and green. Golden in sunlight, blue in a cloudless sky, and green in shoots of leaves and grass starting to spring up. Walking past the spruce tree in my backyard, a family of robins flew out and took off on a little flying jaunt. Of course I was grinning madly. :)

Speaking of Robins, I started a new little tale tonight starring my favorite pretty bird and his Bat. Tentatively titled "Epidemic" it should be quite an interesting story to write. You just *know* sometimes when something's going to be a lot of fun to pen.

I posted the last chapter of Clexfic, "Champagne And Apple Cider", and was pleased to see more comments on "Dark Alley" and the latest installment of "Rainbow's Freedom". I also started typing up Chapter 8 of that series, and it looks like it might be a split chapter again. It's around 10 1/2 handwritten pages, so it might translate to a post too big all at once for LJ. We shall see!

*snerk* "Little bird, she can fly away" is the lyric to the Mamas and Papas song I'm listening to right now. It's a sign, I tell you! LOL!
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