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Latest Kerfluffle!

Hi, all!

In light of today's info about LJ possibly blipping out on us, I'm going to be busy trying to back up my journal. I haven't done it for 7 months! (bad girl) Anyway, if things go blip! I'm at InsaneJournal under the same username.

I wouldn't get too worried yet. I would back-up, but I wouldn't waste good worry until the unthinkable happens. Like the Bat, be prepared! ;)

Fandom will find a new place if we need to. Pre-LJ, there was YahooGroups, and regular websites. Will fandom fragment? Not unless we all scatter to the winds. We will find a place.

For now, I consider Livejournal my home until otherwise! :)

liz_marcs has good back-up info.

Also, if you ever need to find me, is my e-mail addy.

Take deep breaths, calm down, and make sure all your fic is on your hard drive and in some other back-up mode! :)
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