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Fic: Champagne And Apple Cider (3/3)

Title: Champagne And Apple Cider (3/3)
Author: BradyGirl
Characters/Pairings: Clark//Lex, implied Bruce/Dick 

Category: Romance

Rating: (this chapter): NC-17 
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary:  Clark and Lex celebrate their anniversary.
Date Of Completion: March 28, 2007
Date Of Posting: April 1, 2007
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, DC and Warner Brothers do, more's the pity.
Word Count: 766
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
All chapters can be found here.





Once in the bedroom, the deep kissing was stopped for the purpose of removing clothes, Lex delighted at the look of the diamond symbol against the tanned skin of his lover. 


“Mmm, Kryptonian-style diamonds suit you,” he said, tracing the symbol with his index finger.


Clark nuzzled his ear. “Sorry your pin can’t be worn during sex.”


“Little painful there, sport.”


Clark chuckled, moaning slightly as Lex tweaked a nipple.  He was on the bed stretched out in the next moment, Lex straddling him.


What a perfect body!


Lex always gave thanks to whatever Gods ruled the Universe that he had been given this gift. He kissed the warm skin from shoulder to neck to chest, caressing Clark’s face as he next rained kisses upon it.  Eyes that could shift from green to blue and back again were sparkling like the necklace.


Lex nuzzled a collarbone, then tenderly kissed every inch of Clark’s chest, blowing lightly over both nipples, Clark’s movement beneath him pleasing him.  He took his time, knowing that the payoff would be worth it.  Clark might have been an innocent when he first came to him, but he had learned his lessons well over the years.


Lex’s hand slid down to touch Clark’s cock, his husband arching up.  Clark tilted his  head back, the graceful line of his neck attracting Lex, who began sliding his tongue up and down the smooth skin.  Clark arched his head back a little further.  Lex smiled.


“You always like that, don’t you?” he breathed, Clark groaning as Lex applied more tongue.  Lex loved the sensuousness of his alien lover, always trying to give Clark what he wanted and needed while taking his own pleasure.


His hands began a loving massage of Clark’s hips, then thighs, and finally he cupped the buttocks and lifted Clark’s body up enough to enjoy feasting on his cock, his own twitching as he nibbled and sucked.


The thought of the power thrumming beneath him thrilled him.  Clark preferred Lex to take the lead most of the time, and it was the headiest aphrodisiac that Lex could think of.  He had Superman in his bed!  He should be shouting it from the rooftops!  On the evening news!  At the U.N.!


But of course that would never be, and he was content to let it remain that way.  He closed his eyes and concentrated on the taste of Clark.  As much as it boosted his male ego to have the most powerful man on the planet in his bed, he was happier that he had Clark here as well.


Clark’s little moans made it easier to work his magic.  His gentle suction was driving his husband mad.


Clark was the one he had fallen in love with, a bright-eyed boy in red flannel smelling of sunshine and freshly-mown fields, innocent yet surprisingly mature in some ways.  Clark was the one who had befriended him despite everyone telling him that it was a bad idea.  Clark was the one who would come over on Friday nights and watch movies with him with the big bowl of popcorn between them and simply happy to be with Lex.  


Superman was a fringe benefit, albeit an extremely pleasurable one.


A gasp from his lover, and Clark was coming in his mouth, the beautiful face thrown back and body arched up triggering Lex’s own climax seconds later.  He savored the flavor of Clark, and gently released him as he smiled and gathered his sated lover in his arms.


“Mmm, talented mouth, Lex,” Clark murmured as he snuggled up against his companion.


“I’m glad you think so.” Lex kissed Clark’s shoulder, entwining his fingers with Clark’s as he gazed blissfully at his husband. “You make me happy, Clark.”


Clark’s eyes opened and Lex breathed in sharply.  Green-blue eyes sparkled and held his soul.


“I can say the same, Lex.” He hugged his lover. “No one else knows me like you do.  I felt a connection with you from the moment we met.”


“When I plowed into you with the car?”


Clark chuckled. “You sure made an impact.”


“I’d say that’s my line, considering the condition of my car.”


Clark laughed again, caressing Lex’s smooth chest. “No matter what happens to me out in the world, knowing that I have you to come home to is wonderful.” He gazed at Lex, who was drowning in those eyes. “Happy anniversary, Lex.”


Lex hugged him. “Happy anniversary, Clark,” and relaxed in warm arms, his haven that he would always keep safe.


Your Secret is safe with me.







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