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How Much Did I Write In 2008?

Wow! I tallied the number of stories I’d written in the past three years and am pretty stunned by the numbers! I knew this fandom was inspiring me, but this much?! ;)

A little background:

I joined LJ in October of 2006 (first post in November), and posted my first story, Announcement I: The Ready Room, in December of 2006. It was a Clark/Bruce tale, and the remaining 3 stories for that year were of that pairing as well.

I counted each year’s stories, and broke them down by pairing, which I’ll discuss below the stats. I used the following method: simple counting, but if a multi-chapter story started in one year and ended in the next, I counted the year it began. Time And Place was posted in 2006 and ended in early 2007.

Naturally I counted a pairing if they were the focus of the story, but if they shared equal ‘screen time’ with another couple or couples, that story was also counted as theirs. In some of my multiple pairing stories, several couples could count it as their story (Strange Brew, The Jig’s Up!, and many others). Ollie/Dinah, for instance, has a number of 6 in the past two years, but only 1 story was written with them as the lead couple. The rest are stories they share with others. So if anyone bothered to total the pairings and the story totals, the pairings would be a higher total than the stories.

Here are the statistics, broken down by year and pairing/threesome:

Pairings/Threesomes 2006 2007 2008
Clark/Bruce 4 35 36
Bruce/Dick 0 22 11
Steve/Diana 0 6 16
Clark/Lex (SV) 0 5 5
Dick/Roy 0 4 7
Clark/Bruce/Dick 0 3 2
Clark/Dick 0 3 1
Selina/Dinah 0 3 3
Steve/Tony (Marvel) 0 2 5
Diana/Dinah 0 2 5
Ollie/Dinah 0 2 4
Linda/Barbara 0 2 6
Hal/Steve 0 1 1
Lex/Jamie 0 0 1
Lois/Lana 0 1 0
Jonathan/Martha 0 2 1
Bruce/Jim (BB/TDK) 0 0 2
Selina/Lois/Kathy 0 0 2
Clark/Bruce/Selina 0 0 1
James/Cecilia 0 1 0
Bruce/Selina 0 0 1
Clark/Ollie (SV) 0 0 1
Donna/Kory 0 0 1
Davis/Brainiac/Chloe 0 0 1
Bruce & Dick (Gen) 0 3 3
Diana (Gen) 0 0 1
Apollo/Starbuck 0 4 1
Jim/Artie 0 3 0
Hogan/Kinch 0 1 1
Kirk/Spock 0 1 1
Fraser/Vecchio 0 0 1
Totals 4 83 99 186

Yeah, with the exception of 13 non-DCU/Marvel stories, I’ve written 173 stories in comics fandom! And minus 7 for Steve/Tony, 166 stories in the DCU in three years!

For all stories, including non-comics, I wrote 4 in 2006, 83 in 2007, and 99 in 2008! *collapses*

Some things stand out: Clark/Bruce remains the couple I write the most, and their numbers for 2007 and 2008 are pretty much the same: 35 and 36. Why are they my most frequent couple? Because they are a favorite of mine and I love to write them, and when I ask for fic requests, they are the most requested pairing, and when I join special challenges and projects, they are usually S/B-oriented.

Bruce/Dick did show a drop from 22 in 2007 to 11 in 2008, which is frustrating for me since I love them so. My Muses just weren’t talking to me as much for them this year. Hopefully that will change. I think writing them exhausts me a little as even when I write them as sunny, their intensity is such that it can be draining. Which is a good thing, BTW, as they are each other’s everything in ways that are unique.

Steve/Diana showed a big jump from 6 in 2007 to 16 in 2008, and many of those stories were not only shared but starred just them. Once I found an audience for this couple, there was no stopping me! :) I’ve said before that writing them makes me happy, and their gentle love and the romantic stories I write for them just please me, and it’s bonus points that there are others who love them as well.

Clark/Dick went from 3 in 2007 to 1 in 2008, but the Clark/Bruce/Dick threesome did well, staying at the same level pretty much (3-2). I think Clark/Dick is more difficult to write because Bruce is kinda left out. ;)

Same with multiple pairing stories ending up as Clark/Bruce rather than Bruce/Dick, because then Clark is left out! Probably why the threesome appeals to me. :) Also, in big cast stories, Clark/Bruce leaves it wide open for Dick/Roy, and so everyone’s happy! :)

Most of my pairings either stayed pretty much the same or went up slightly. I did some one-shots such as Bruce/Selina, and another threesome caught my fancy, Selina/Lois/Kathy. I write m/m slash more often but frequently wrote femslash with particular pairings in mind: Selina/Dinah, Diana/Dinah, Linda/Barbara, and the aforementioned threesome. I did write Lois/Lana once last year in comicsverse.

Rainbow’s Freedom gave me some pairings that were not in other stories. In addition to counting Ollie/Dinah in this (Clark/Bruce being the main pairing, of course), I also counted Hal/Steve and Lex/Jamie. Hal/Steve appeared in both 2007 and 2008, while Lex/Jamie debuted in 2008.

I picked up a new pairing, Bruce/Jim, from movieverse, and am loving writing them and reading all the fantastic fic out there for them! :)

I am pleased that Clex stayed at the same number (5), and hope to write more in SV.

And speaking of SV, the Davis/Brainiac/Chloe trio isn’t exactly what you might think. ;) But it was an odd story inspired by SV’s Season 8, particularly the last episode aired before hiatus, “Bride”. This one really defies categorization! ;)

Bruce & Dick gen stories were 3 and 3, mostly Wee!Dick. I adore writing Wee!Dick. ;)

Non-comics fandoms were: Wild Wild West, Battlestar Galactica (Original Series), Hogan’s Heroes, ST:TOS, and Due South.

I really don’t know what’s in store for me in 2009. For awhile in 2008 I thought that I’d said all I had to say about the DCU characters, with the exception of some series I’m currently writing, but more ideas started coming my way, so it looks as if I’m not done yet! My Muses drive this train so I can’t say for certain which couples will get attention from me this year, but I figure it’s a safe bet that the three major couples I write will see some stories, and the secondary pairings/threesomes will as well.

As for non-DCU/Marvel, I hope to finally write Han/Luke again after many years, and maybe more of the pairings already written. Comics fandom is my ‘hot’ fandom at the moment, and I do have a history of longevity in fandoms. I’ve been in Trek fandom for countless years, and while many of my fannish interests continue for long stretches of time, the ‘hot’ periods for me are also pretty long, easily almost ten years for some (overlapping with other ‘hot’ fandoms at times). DC Comics and Marvel? My longest-running Fandom Of Interest, as I loved the characters since I learned how to read! So I think I’ll be in this fandom for awhile longer. ;)

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