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Classic Fic Of The Month (January)

Welcome to a New Year (almost here)! :)

Let’s hope 2009 is better for a lot of us, eh?

Last year I spotlighted Classic Fic of the Month and thought I’d do so again this year. Fandom on the Internet is tough to keep up with, and the Net is so ephemeral by its nature, I thought it would be nice to look back at previous stories. In 2008, I concentrated on showcasing different pairings every month, and thought I might do a themed post each month for 2009.

The first post concerns time and its endless stretches. In January, we look back and ahead, extremely conscious of time and its passing and what is to come.

Three stories fit the theme of time and immortality:

Forever And Always is a Clark/Bruce tale in which Clark has outlived not only Bruce but everyone he’s ever known, and the eons stretch out ahead of him while he slowly breaks down psychologically.

Stars’ Dust shows the effects of immortality on Diana, who has outlived everyone she knew long enough to see the Earth begin to die, and that’s still only a blink of an eye in true eternity.

Grains Of Sand deals with Diana asking divine help so that she and Clark may escape their immortal fates.

And, finally, a fourth story that fits with time: Time And Place was one of the first Clark/Bruce stories I wrote, chronicling their relationship across DC’s four eras: Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern, all taking place on New Year’s Eve.

If you're not out partying, maybe you'd like to read! :)
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