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2009 DCU Fic/Art Cast Of Thousands!!! Challenge!

So, the New Year begins, and I’ve decided to unveil two year-long Challenges for 2009. This one is about multiple characters/pairings!

The Challenge: write a fic or draw an illo or create manips or icons that use the theme of more than one pairing or character.

The complete Master List is here.

EDIT: On 5/4/09, banners were offered by gaudy_night. If you are a new entrant, please comment to her post on the Master List Page to get your personalized banner.

If you’re writing, prominently feature at least two couples (more is great!) and supporting pairings/characters. For example, in Strange Brew, I featured five couples who received roughly the same amount of ‘screen time’: Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana, Ollie/Dinah, Linda/Barbara. Many other pairings played supporting roles, and unattached characters as well. This fic was almost a house party kind of atmosphere as the characters did sleep over (ahem). ;)

The house party theme is a good one. What if your characters are all at the same resort for a conference or well-deserved vacation? What if people end up staying the night at Wayne Manor or the Kent farm or some other home environment? Parties and other big gatherings can launch your story. Maybe your story is set on the JLA Watchtower: easy to create events there for a big cast. Or perhaps you’d like to go the battlefield route and focus on different heroes as they fight for Truth, Justice, and the Fannish Way? ;)

Your story doesn’t have to be a one-shot. Maybe you’d like to plan out a series of vignettes, short stories, longer stories…you have all year to do it, wrapping up around the holidays with big family gatherings or parties!

And that brings us to the visual arts: you can certainly draw or create manips/icons with multiple characters/pairings, but maybe you would like to do a series of them that stretch out over the year linked to a common theme, for example.

You don’t think you can handle a large cast? The trick is to focus on a handful of characters/pairings and then give the supporting cast a few scenes here and there, or even a line of dialogue or an appearance in your drawing!

The Usual Suspects:

Genre: Truly an eclectic mix for a Challenge like this! Anything goes: Drama, humor, hurt/comfort, AU, etc.

Pairings (or threesomes, etc. ;) ): Slash, het, gen (this is DCU but if you’d like to write Clex, hey, that fits into the DCU!). Crossovers welcome. Just make sure that the DCU characters get equal ‘screen time’ with your crossover characters.

Rating: G all the way through to NC-17. Any length!

Continuity/‘Verses: Comics, ‘toon, movie, and Smallville (and other TV shows).

Posting dates: January 1-December 31, 2009

The usual request: please link all contributions here on this page. If I get enough entries, I will make a Master List.

If you are doing a series, then link all parts here. I’ll adjust the Master List accordingly.

A series is not required, of course. If you have an idea for the large cast in one story, then come up with an entirely different premise for another big cast story, that’s great!

I need artistic fans! If you enjoy making banners, I could use your help at the BradyGirl_12 Banners Project.

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