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Week 16: New England Patriots 47, Arizona Cardinals 7 (10-5) (Sunday, December 21, 2008)

Week 16: New England Patriots 47, Arizona Cardinals 7 (10-5) (Sunday, December 21, 2008)

Well, as you can see by the score, the snow suited the Patriots just fine! ;) They are 10-0 in snow games this past decade, and just wouldn't do in Florida! ;)

The Cardinals already have clinched their division and won a playoff spot, but they looked like a team that didn't want to play, especially in the cold and snow. The stadium was packed, as usual. Snow deterring New Englanders? Pshaw! ;)

In fact, five years ago fans went to a Patriots-Dolphins game even though only half could get into the stadium. The lots were still full of snow despite the organization's best efforts to clear it, and the fans had to shovel out their own seats inside. Every time the Patriots scored, when "Rock 'N' Roll Part II" was played, the fans threw snowballs up in the air everytime "Hey!" was sung. ;) The Patriots won that game and clinched the division that year.

Alas, even if they win next week, they could become an 11-5 team shut out of the playoffs. Hopefully that won't occur! We shall see. The Jets losing today helped. ;)

On a Tom sighting note, he made a rare public appearance (he has been behind-the-scenes pretty much since the injury, not wanting to be a distraction) at the team Christmas party at the stadium and looked GORGEOUS in a red sweater over a white shirt and jeans. He looked healthy and happy and, NFL, watch out, because TOM WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR AND THE PATRIOTS ARE COMING WITH HIM!!! ;)
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