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The Snow Has Begun (And Ficcish Update)!

It's beginning to snow here, the first of two predicted storms this weekend! *brings out shovel*

So, what’s up with me and my ficcish doings?

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. To be honest, I thought that my DCU Muses had finally dried up except for projects already outlined. I was thinking, "Well, maybe I’ve said all I have to say about these characters" and was a little depressed, as I want to still be active in this fandom as a writer and not just a reader/commenter.

Well, I didn’t push it, and happily, the valley has become a peak again! I think getting a gift of soundtracks to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, and Iron Man is inspiring me! Thanks so much, northern_star! *hugs*

I may even have a Bruce/Dick bunny to write! Alas, it won’t be upbeat or holiday-oriented. It’s rather sad and full of angst and hurt/comfort. Very, very dark. Not a deathfic, but it’s definitely NOT holiday-oriented! Would any Bruce/Dick fans be interested in seeing such a fic at this time of year, I wonder?

I'm working on a holiday project that went slow as molasses until bam! the logjam broke a few days ago and I am feverishly writing! :)

I did set aside Rainbow’s Freedom to get a fresh perspective after I finished posting the most recent arc and with so many holiday commitments, but came back to it in the last few days. It’s in a very dark place and I’m more in the mood for upbeat writing, but the darkness has begun to lighten, so I think that’s what’s going on here. :)

My LJ Second Anniversary Fic Request Meme stories have stalled. I have 7 more to write but with all the holiday obligations, I just haven’t had time. :(

Rest assured, however, that when I take a fic request or claim that it might take awhile, but I WILL complete it! I have never failed to do so yet. I hope you don’t mind waiting!

I did complete both prompts for the World’s Finest Gift Exchange and so am happy that they are finished and were so well-received! :) Comments keep the wellspring full! ;)

I want to write something Diana-oriented but haven’t quite coalesced what yet. Maybe I’ll check out these Daydreams. ;)

The New England Patriots should do well this Sunday! Just their kind of weather! ;)

Tags: fanfic, rl, snow, writing
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