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Week 15: New England Patriots 49, Oakland Raiders 26 (9-5) (Sunday, December 14, 2008)

Week 15: New England Patriots 49, Oakland Raiders 26 (9-5) (Sunday, December 14, 2008)

Two more weeks to go! The Patriots are still in a dead heat in the AFC East division. They crushed the Raiders yesterday, but their secondary is still a major weakness and will most likely prevent them from going to the Super Bowl if they make the playoffs. Too many injuries on this team now: Tom Brady, Adalius Thomas, Rodney Harrison, Laurence Maroney, Tedy Bruschi, Matt Light, and too many others to list. Many are out for the season, and other key players are out for stretches at a time.

Still, it was a good win. After a slow start in the first quarter, momentum began to pick up. Two Raider touchdowns were results of breakdowns in the Patriots secondary, but the offense was clicking. Matt Cassel, whose father died last Monday, threw four touchdown passes and was in clear focus throughout the game. He will be attending his father's funeral tomorrow.

The Raiders are a terrible team and worse organization right now. Fittingly, the vultures, er, seagulls circled around empty seats late in this blow-out at Oakland Coliseum. ;)

Next up: the Arizona Cardinals at Gillette Stadium!
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