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Deck The Halls!

Take a good look at the layout. It’ll probably be changed by the weekend. Too many cool Christmas/holiday themes not to take advantage of while the account is paid. :)

Well, just the Christmas tree left to put up this Saturday and the candles in the windows. The decorations already up are quite festive!

I’m feeling festive in LJ Land, too. It’s a fun time of year.

*puts out plates of Christmas cookies and mugs of apple cider in front of a roaring fire*

I completed my first of two prompts for the WFGE, and a few ideas have been glimmering in my head like shiny icicles and garland for my various Challenges. Heck, I may get inspired by my Daydreams post. ;)

Diana has her own Winter Solstice traditions, and that could be an interesting mesh with Christmas. Clark is very Americanized, but maybe he can work in some Kryptonian traditions, too. Bruce might pretend to be a Grinch, but he really wants to be drawn into the fun. Dick is the Chief Elf! He has to be after wearing those pixie boots. ;) Maybe something cozy in a Bruce/Dick mode, or very sappy with Roy and Lian.

These are just ramblings, and frankly, I doubt I’ll have time to write any, so if any of these ideas grabs you, take ‘em and run! ;) But it does my writer’s soul good to talk things out.

I know a lot of people are involved in holiday challenges and gift exchanges, etc. Any ideas you've got that you might not get around to writing or drawing? Just want to talk about your fave characters and the holidays?

*settles in as the Nutcracker Suite plays in the background*

Tags: christmas, dc comics, fanfic, holiday, meme, meta, winter solstice, writing
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