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Media West* Con 2007

Only a few months left before the con! I was curious to know if anyone was going. Can you imagine a posse of DC slashers? :) The panels are up and waiting for people to volunteer as moderators, so hopefully the comics topics I suggested will make it onto the final schedule. I've moderated panels before but prefer being in the audience. You all know what a shrinking violet I am! ;)

If anyone decides they are interested in going, I'll give you links to follow. And if you're just curious, you can click on 'em, too! :) Memberships are still available. The hotel only has so many rooms and so they always do a room lottery, and now they're fully booked, but there are nearby hotels for overflow traffic. Anyway, all the details are at the site:

Panel info:

and here: (The comics panels can be found in Section D: Literature.)

Usually it's one big party! :) Like most cons, you have your panels, parties, dealers' room, etc. Media West is also known for door decorations in the host hotel. Some info and pix from past cons are here:

This particular con is a mix of gen and slash. The panels are pretty even, the Dealers' Room tends to tilt more towards slash, and the doors also split between slash and gen. Videos have their own schedule. They clearly list which are slash.

Anyway, it's lots of fun on the Memorial Day weekend, so I thought I'd post and spread the luv around! :)
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