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Daydreams (Holiday Themes)

So, with all the holiday fic I have to write and the general holiday mood I’m in, I’ve been daydreaming about certain illustrations that I created in my head since I have no drawing talent whatsoever. ;) These are ramblings but fun, like spinning cotton candy in the carnival that I call my mind. ;) If any artists (or writers) feel inspired, cool! Consider these word pictures, little sketches of fragments drifting through my head. These are DCU-related. :)

Santa's Little Helpers: naughty but nice, with a touch of spice! ;)

My first daydream was Diana in a skimpy elf-style outfit. She comes from an island of women who dress skimpily, and let’s face it, if she thought it was wrong, why would she wear her Wonder Woman costume? ;) Skimpy clothes in Man’s World usually means exploitation of women, but from Diana’s culture? Women control their bodies and imagery, and the Amazons obviously have no problem with sexy clothing.

So, Diana’s wearing a red satin outfit, lined with white faux fur at the neckline, sleeves, and hem, showing some nice cleavage. Her red boots are short, up to the ankles, showing off luscious legs. She’s wearing a Santa hat and a smile.

I’m thinking 1940s-style with her hair, and I see her as being saucy, maybe sitting in Steve’s lap while he’s in uniform, or kissing him under the mistletoe. Kinda Golden Age and fluffy/sexy. ;)

Speaking of sexy elves, Dick is my next daydream. :) He’s wearing the original Robin costume (he’s over 18) and a Santa hat. His bright colors fit perfectly for a little sexy fun, and he’s wrapping himself around quite a few candidates while getting kissed by them in different pictures: Bruce, Clark, Roy. Bruce is probably in an expensive business suit and getting rumpled; Clark is in his Superman suit because the bright colors are festive, and Roy is either in his Speedy or Red Arrow outfit, as the color suits the season.

Ooh, how about a red bow tied around Dick’s thigh like a garter and his lucky partner is sliding his hand up his thigh? ;)

Finally, I had to go World’s Finest: either Clark or Bruce wearing nothing but a Santa hat and perhaps a strategically-placed red bow? Tempting the other one? And maybe some tiny bells jingling from nipples or other interesting body parts? ;)

These are just some pictures my mind conjured up, and I hope you enjoyed the imagery! ;)

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