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Notes On Rainbow's Freedom

So, the RobinSong Arc is complete, and thanks to all who read and commented.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to start posting the next arc, as I’m committed to several holiday projects, but rest assured that if I don’t have time to post the rest of the year, early 2009 will see new chapters. :)

What about future plans for the series?

Batman and Robin roam Gotham! As well they should. ;)

So we have seen the establishment of the Dynamic Duo, solidifying Dick’s importance in the family as he has brought Light that was needed and is appreciated.

The fourth arc, Paradise, continues Bruce and Clark’s journey of delicate balancing act as they love as Beloveds and Master and slave. As we’ve seen, sometimes that journey is difficult, and there will be conflict, but not on the scale of what occurred in Shadow Of The Bat.

Dick’s quest to bring Tony Zucco to justice continues, and a dark secret about his family surfaces, with potentially devastating consequences.

Hal and Steve meet their Destinies, though neither one realizes it at the time.

Diana is introduced, and appears in a handful of chapters as the plight of the enslaved Amazons is explored.

The Arrow family welcomes a new member.

We’ll see more of Lex and Jamie, more Abolitionist work, and a new ally.

The fifth arc, Dark Knight Of The Soul, brings a trauma that crashes in on the Wayne Household as they struggle with the event and fall-out.

The sixth arc, The Jewel In The Crown, examines slavery off-world as the Prince and his entourage travel to another planet for a special mission.

The seventh arc, Project K, starts with the status quo and yet the world of the Wayne family will never be the same by the end of it.

There will be an eighth arc, and there may have to be at least a few more depending on how the flow of the story goes.

Can you hang on for the ride? ;)

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