bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Decorating & Other Holiday Notes

Don't be surprised if you see a new layout every week. There's just too many holiday themes to use and I figure why not while I can still enjoy a paid account? :)

As for decorating, the interior of the house is done, and the exterior is on tomorrow's agenda. The tree goes up next Saturday.

Gifts are bought and wrapped with only stocking stuffers left to get. I mailed all my cards and those gifts needing the P.O. yesterday. Hopefully overseas friends get them before Yule/Christmas! :)

All of this was done while raking up the last of the leaves and sundry other chores. I much prefer holiday tasks! :)

I will not set foot in a mall until after December 25th! :)

I know you get cheaper prices, but does anyone else think it's nuts to stand outside a store at 3 A.M. just to shop? And unless you're like the first 50, you're screwed, because there's only a limited number of items at the low prices. It's why it looks like a modern version of the Roman Coliseum when the doors open. Yeesh!

Tags: christmas, holiday, rl, yule
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