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Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving Week has its own special feel here in the States. For one thing, it’s a short week, most people either taking or being given the day off after the holiday, and even if you work on Friday, it’s vewy, vewy quiet, as Elmer Fudd would say. ;)

Everyone's out traveling! The day before and after Thanksgiving are the busiest of the year. The Sturbridge turnpike exchange in Massachusetts is literally backed up for miles on Wednesday (heads into Connecticut and New York).

Halloween kicks off the holiday whirl, but Thanksgiving means you’re closer to the insane whirl of Christmas, and it’s almost a respite between busy holidays, unless you’re the one cooking the turkey. ;)

I’m not cooking (going over to my sister’s) but tomorrow is a busy one for me: out all day as I try and finish the last of the leaf raking (and if I don’t make it, meh, because the drop-off is open Saturday) and run to the leaf drop-off once or twice, do a bunch of errands, and hopefully swing by the comics shop as the last item on the ‘To-Do’ list. I should be able to pick up this week’s Trinity and the monthly issue of Superman/Batman. I’d like to curl up with the books this weekend if I get a chance.

The Christmas whirl? Well, I’ve bought all my presents except stocking stuffers (no waiting in line at midnight Thanksgiving night for the mall to open at 5 A.M. for this kid!), got wrapping paper, tags, and bows, have my cards addressed, need to buy stamps and mailing envelopes for some gifts, and will try and wrap some or all of my presents this weekend, in addition to decorating inside and out, or at least finish by next week.

The tree goes up the first Saturday in December, and then I’ll sit back and enjoy the season! :)

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