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Week 12: New England Patriots 48, Miami Dolphins 28 (7-4) (Sunday, November 23, 2008)

Week 12: New England Patriots 48, Miami Dolphins 28 (7-4) (Sunday, November 23, 2008)

Well, the first quarter was marred by turnovers and stupid penalties, but then the Patriots kept up with the Dolphins and the lead changed six times. Then the Patriots gathered steam and began to separate themselves from the Dolphins in the fourth quarter. Matt Cassel had another career day, throwing for a gajillion yards and running for a touchdown. Randy Moss grabbed three for TDs, and they were beautiful catches, indeed, reminding everyone that he’s still the game’s best receiver. The other touchdowns were scored by Kevin Fault and BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Joey Porter, linebacker for the Dolphins, had been talking smack all week. He always talks smack, and had backed it up in Week 3 when Miami had waxed the Pats, but this week all his posturing was for naught as he wasn’t even credited with a single sack. Channing Crowder, a WR for Miami, mixed it up with Pats’ LT Matt Light, and they were ejected from the game and may be suspended. Football isn’t like hockey. You fight, you’re gone.

This win keeps the Patriots (7-4) in the playoff hunt and makes it very tough for Miami (6-5). The Jets beat the Titans, whose perfect season quest is now over, and the Bills put up 54 points on the Chiefs, but they’re still only 6-5 and have the most division losses. Unless things change drastically, they’re pretty much cooked.

So, we’ll see how it goes next week as the Pittsburgh Steelers come into Foxboro.

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