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Natural Pair


Tonight's Crusoe (moving to Saturdays in two weeks on NBC) was about Robinson's desperate attempts to find an antidote for Friday, who had ingested poison and was hallucinating, trying to kill him! With Olivia's help from the mutineers' ship, they find the plant and cook up the cure. Friday was kept in one of their traps (a hanging cage) so that he couldn't get at Robin.

While searching for the cure, Robinson comments, "Funny how Nature pairs things. A natural pair for every being."

Olivia responds, "Yours is in a cage under a tree palace speaking poems."

Crusoe says he has a wife back in England, and Olivia asks what she would think of Robin risking his life to save his friend.

"Before Friday I merely existed. He showed me how to live."

Of course he's talking about his time on the island, but interesting, no? ;)

And the poems Friday's spouting? It's from Paradise Lost as Robin reads to him, and it's the first thing he requests when he's recovering, "Read to me."

"How about sonnets instead?"

Oh, my. ;)

Amusing, too, that when Friday was in danger of drowning in "High Water" a few weeks ago, what does he think of to keep his mind off the rising water as he lays trapped beneath a tree in the pit? Robin, of course, and how he taught him to shoot, and their bantering and teasing.

Oh, boys. ;)
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