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...And This Wasn’t A Dirty Movie? ;)

Things that amused/delighted me about this week’s Trinity (#25):

Scans here on scans_daily

Alfred, who has seen the way the world should be, gathers three special people in his Connecticut home: Lois, the love interest of Clark, Tom Tresser, the pseudo-Steve Trevor (Blond and in military intelligence. Diana seems quite attracted to this type!), the current paramour of Wonder Woman in the ‘correct’ world. And the third person?

Dick Grayson! ;)

It reminded me of that classic Silver Age JLA panel in which the villain tells the heroes that the person they last touched is doomed, and Hal, Barry, and Ray all immediately think of their female lovers, and Bruce thinks of Dick! ;)

The trio has been having dreams about their ‘real’ lives, and Dick comes up with this observation: Wait. I was slidin’ down a pole…into a cave…I was wearin’ shorts an’ pixie boots…and this wasn’t a dirty movie?

Priceless look on Alfred’s face! I would have liked to have heard his response, but Lois cuts Dick off and they’re on to something else. Pity. ;)

And this scene just once again demonstrates that Alfred is the ruler of the DC Universe! ;)

Tom’s dreams were pretty straightforward, but Lois is dreaming herself as a superhero and interesting to see her version of Clark. Blond! ;) As for Dick, he and Bruce are using guns, something of course that would never happen in the ‘real world’ but is an outgrowth of his gangster life.

Alfred says they need two others for their quest: he and Dick are Bruce’s nearest and dearest (though he never says that), and Lois is Clark’s and Tom is Diana’s. His use of a supersonic whistle brings an angry Kara crashing into the room, and through Kryptonite, convinces her of her otherworldly origins. But there’s a sixth one to be brought into the fold: the last panel shows a beleagured Donna the Librarian being harassed by her patrons (I feel for you, dear!), a mousy, timid sort. No stereotype there, eh? ;)

Random notes: BARRY! And Lex as a hero! *grins madly*

I do find it interesting that everyone is either ineffectual (Donna), with an iffy past (Alfred in his secret agent days had to have done some shady things), a top-flight member of the fascist JSI (Kara), a bitter Rush Limbaugh wannabee (Lois) or outright criminal (Dick as a top gangster in the Zucco mob and Tom as a terrorist, though admittedly that might be a government label stuck on him if he is rebellious, an old trick governments use).

The Dick (Richie Grayson) thing intrigues me. I find it difficult that the sweet child we saw should turn into a sleazy mobster, but it could be true due to his rage at his parents’ murders and being shunted off to different foster homes, losing the stability of the circus and having no focus as Bruce gave him. And he wasn’t rich, so no independent study and setting-up of a Bat-organization as Bruce did in response to his parents’ murders.

But even more intriguing is: does he know that Tony Zucco murdered his parents? Or was that never known? Does he know and he’s planning some kind of elaborate revenge from within? Or would it be an earthshaking shock to find out that he’s part of an organization whose boss killed Mary and John?

It does show that as much as Bruce needs Dick, Dick needs him, too.

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