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The Bride Of Frankenstein, er, Doomsday

"Bride" (Episode 10) (Season 8) (November 20, 2008)

Wow! This episode had so much! And now the CW and WB lets us wait until January 15th for the next one! Wonderful!

Only in Smallville, eh?

Now, if I was Clark, I would carry around a major guilt burden, because unlike the comics, knowing Clark is dangerous in SV. Sure, there’s an element of risk in the comics, and Smallville has paid a price (most recently, in fact), but how much as this town suffered due to the arrival of Kal-El? First the meteors, then meteor freaks, and now Doomsday? Yikes!

Good start to the episode with Chloe crying over a wounded Jimmy amid the destruction of their wedding.

Flashbacking, we see Lois in full General mode and getting the wedding arranged. How sweet of Jimmy to suggest Clark as Lois’ love interest. He sees the two of them clearly. And people think that Jimmy isn’t all that bright. I beg to differ.

And the scene between Chloe and Jimmy was lovely. I see Chloe/Jimmy chemistry even though most don't. :)

It was a beautiful wedding. Even though you knew it would turn into a disaster, it was still nice to see people around Clark happy for once.

Ollie showing up with news about Lex was an interesting scene. I think he had part of it right: Clark is showing a reluctance to nail Lex (so to speak), but then Ollie reminds him that Lex knows his Secret.

Ollie, Ollie, Ollie. It’s always about the Clex! ;)

I found Lex’s presence, even unseen, to be a strong one in this episode. Clark is definitely disapproving of Lex’s actions, but I can’t help but feel there’s a small part of him that is still reluctant to confront Lex on some level beyond his teenage diatribes of self-righteousness that he used to hurl at Lex. Maturity sees shades of gray, but of course Ollie’s right. Lex is dangerous.

And then we get the scene on the plane with Ollie trying to get the info he needs to track Lex, and Clark not buying his reason that he’s only trying to help Clark. Ollie is so tortured by the knowledge that Lionel killed his parents. I can’t say that I blame him, either.

Of course I’m sure everyone squeed when Ollie’s pilot said, "I downloaded the info while you two were having that lovers’ spat!" LOL!

I did like Chloe’s line about Lois finding her ‘super-stud’ someday.

What a breathtaking look on Clark’s face when he hands Chloe the pressed flower for her ‘something borrowed’. Wow, Tom was just nailing every scene tonight! Though did anyone else wince when he said, "I never throw away good memories"? Ouch! When, of course, he gave Chloe no choice in throwing away her memories, good or bad. And to be sure, I understand why he did it. I just don’t think Chloe would agree, though when she tells Clark later about having a heavy weight lifted off her, it muddies the waters, doesn’t it? Oh, SV, your ethical dilemmas! I do so love you! ;)

I was quite impressed by Lana, but then, I always liked her far better as Kick-Ass Lana than Sweet Princess Lana. She looks gorgeous and sure took care of Ollie. I did like her saving that Green Arrow was better than murder, and that the greater good could be followed if they were more like Clark. Ollie might have been shocked out of his vengeance, but we’ll see.

What Would Clark Do? ;)

Tom was absolutely freakin’ GORGEOUS in this episode! In that suit he was INCREDIBLE! And Lois wasn’t lookin’ bad herself! J

Oh, Lo! "See, this part sticks straight up and slides right in." LOL!

And the look on her face when she thinks Clark is speaking to her, and her expression when she realizes he’s saying Jimmy’s vows. Erica just continues to impress me with her high level of acting.

And, for the first time, I did see the Clois in SV when the two of them were dancing. I saw real chemistry for the very first time, and this is from an unrepentant Clexer and Clollie fancier.

But what breaks the moment? Lana!

Okay, I forgive her, because that scene in the loft is like the best and brightest gem in a long line of dull diamonds for these two. They were actually mature in this scene, discussing things intelligently and not getting schoolkid emotional. And Clark's first words to her before that scene had been, "I could have used some warning." Not puppy dog pining, but a mature man confronting his ex. I really liked Lana in this scene, and I’m glad Clark realizes it’s truly over. Yes, Lana, you and Clark were never meant to be together in the end, but you’re destined to be great friends. Sometimes that’s even better.

And the scene before that between Lois and Ollie? Ollie was a little sad in this one, and probably a little jealous, but he knew Lois had fallen for Clark. She gets the guy in canon, but in fanfic, he’s all yours, Ollie! Oh, you might have to share with Lex and Bruce. ;)

The Doomsday destruction scene was well-done (Oh, that poor security guard earlier. I was yelling, "Run! Run!" but of course he didn’t). Wow, that jiggling punch heralding Doomsday was great Jurassic Park. ;)

Good scene, though. Clark’s incapacitation was necessary because he simply can’t fight Doomsday yet. That’ll be for the cliffhanger (maybe with the iconic scene of Lois cradling Clark, though no shredded cape or anything since he won’t be wearing the suit) since they are definitely talking ninth season. But the scene was frightening and desperate and poor Jimmy tried to defend Chloe but ended up half-dead. And what will he feel when he wakes up and finds his new bride gone?

And those last scenes: was anyone else thinking Bride of Frankenstein in the Fortress? ;) Or when Doomsday touched Chloe's face at the barn and hissed her name and she screamed like the Bride! ;) But it was so well done: Chloe opening her dark-possessed eyes and that smile! Most likely Brainiac has taken her over but what if she’s not as submerged as Lex was during Zod’s possession? What if a part of her is reveling in her mating with Doomsday? Wow, I didn’t expect one of my speculations to come true so spectacularly! :) I guess the only good thing about the hiatus is a lot of speculative fic can be written. ;)

And the final scene? Lex all hooked up to machines?

Now, I suppose that could be his own doing, but what if it’s Brainiac’s? Is he somewhere else in the Fortress now? Did he willingly allow himself to be hooked up for the power it would give him? Or was it involuntary? Or was it the only way to keep him alive?

Figures Smallville would hit its stride and then leave us for two months! Arghhh!!!

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