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Doomsday Is Coming!

"Abyss" (Episode 9) (Season 8) (November 13, 2008)

Happily the pre-emption that was supposed to occur on the CW here in my area didn’t happen, so I was able to watch Smallville last night after all.

I thought it was a good episode. Understandably, Chloe was panicked as she gradually began to lose her memories. She is imprinted with Davis’ image and that will probably be a factor later on.

Poor Clark! As he said, everyone who’s known his secret as gone away or died: Jonathan, Pete, Lana, Lionel, even Lex! That last name gives the Clexer in me a little tingle of joy as enemy though Lex is, Clark still lists him among those important to him. There is always a small part of Clark that will love Lex (and you take that as lover or friend).

With his request to Jor-El granted for erasing Chloe’s memory of his Secret, his support system is dwindling. And it was a rather sad scene when he saw Chloe in her apartment and she had no clue about his real self.

I did like his new relationship with Jor-El. Previously he did act like a rebellious teenager, though of course there’s no handbook for being an alien meant to rule the world! ;) There is a new maturity there, and a pity it happened just before the AI was corrupted by Brainiac. Jor-El’s call for his son was rather touching, I thought.

The Chloe memory of the two of them as children was really cute.

Undoubtedly Chloe is better off without her memory of Clark’s Secret, as her life for the past several years has been consumed by it, but how much you want to be bet that she’ll get those memories back and be furious at Clark’s decision? Remember how angry Bruce was when the JLA messed with his memories in comics canon? But I can see why Clark did it. She really has been in danger knowing his Secret.

I’m sure there are people who object to Jimmy taking Chloe to the doctor and showing jealousy again (I haven’t read any reviews yet). But think of it this way: he’s concerned for Chloe, loves her, and finds it odd that Clark would just leave her in the barn while he’s off somewhere. Since they haven’t told Jimmy Clark’s Secret, why wouldn’t this seem odd to him? Remember, Jimmy is working from a position of being kept in the dark. This is the woman he’s going to marry. Why shouldn’t he be a little aggravated at Chloe’s turning to Clark instead of him? There are always two sides to every story.

The Chloe/Davis thing is interesting. It’s like they are destined to be mated, Chloe as Brainiac and Davis as Doomsday. The symbol for Doom portends his coming, of course, and how cool was that visual as Brainiac took over the Fortress? I’m glad to see the Fortress back, but sad it’s been corrupted.

And it was another touching moment when Clark finally called Jor-El ‘Father’.

I understand his emotional attachment to Martha and Jonathan. He knows very little of Jor-El and Lara and was raised by the Kents. He’ll always have a strong attachment to his human parents, but I’m sure he’s curious and wants to have an attachment to his birth parents, too.

I would like to see something along the lines of Chloe and Davis joining together (somehow Brainiac gets her back) and then the angstfest that would be as Clark’s most trusted friend ends up being in league with his deadliest enemy. If she died in league with Doomsday or ended up saving Clark and dying, wouldn’t that be a spectacular way for her character to go out? Doomsday can re-generate. If she gets her healing power back, so can she. They seem like the ultimate power couple, LOL! But if she didn’t get her healing power back, she could die in a last showdown.

Eh, just my rambling. ;)

Great portents of doom here at the end of the episode as Brainiac predicts the fall of the House of El.

Doomsday Is Coming!

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