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If It Ain't Broke...

Can someone please explain to me why LJ insists upon 'improving' things THAT DON'T NEED IMPROVEMENT?

The Profile Page was perfectly fine the way it was! Why did they have to change it? Because in all honesty, I don't see that the changes made things any better. It's just different and seems like they only did it to give people an excuse to work on a project. When they changed the Rich Text Editor, the LJ cut didn't work. I haven't tried it since then, but the principle is: every time they change something, it messes things up!

It's a shame they don't have an option as to which way we want the Profile Page to look, because I'd boot the 'new look' right away. Didn't they learn anything from New Coke? *rolls eyes*
Tags: kerfluffle, lj
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