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"Bloodline" (Episode 8) (Season 8) (November 6, 2008)

This week was pretty awesome! I enjoyed it overall.

Erica really rocked as Faora (sp?). She’s quite the mommy, eh? ;)

It was sad to think of Kara in that hellhole of the Zone for so long. For a second there, it looked like she might die there, but Clark persuaded her to save herself. You could really feel the love between them. They have great cousinly chemistry!

Ollie was cool in this. Loved seeing him as Green Arrow this week and the poor boy got knocked clear across the room by Chloe.

As annoying as Chloe has been this season, I really fear for her.

The Davis thing continues to creep me out. Faora just upped the creepiness factor.

With the Clark/Tess scene, I missed Lex again. ;)

Tess really has great chemistry with all the actresses. She had some great chemistry with Chloe and then Lois-turned-Faora.

Kara is different after her time in the Phantom Zone which is totally understandable. She just seems so sad now, though I’m happy she wasn’t stuck in the Zone and even though she’s gone from the farm, she’s healthy and on a quest to focus her energies.

I do find the choice of Doomsday to be added to SV to be curious. It’s just not going to have the same impact since only those nearest and dearest to Clark will mourn him if he dies at the hands of Doomsday. It’s far better for his career as Superman to be established so that people have an emotional investment in him when the end comes.

What if he makes his debut in this timeline in order to fight Doomsday? I’m sure people will be saddened to see him fall, but the emotional investment just wont’ be there. It seems like bringing in this character is jumping the gun.

When SV finally comes to an end, I could vote for Chloe being killed off. Foreshadowing seems to hang around this character even though she’s only in SV and not in any other incarnation of the Superman mythos. This Brainiac infection creeps me out as much as Davis!

I got a plot bunny from tonight’s episode but Goddess knows when I’ll write it! I have a plate so heaping now it looks like Thanksgiving dinner. ;)

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