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Clexian Goodness! (Clex Slash Fiction Archive)

This page will be for my Clex slash fiction.

Series with multiple characters/pairings will only list those concerning Clark/Lex here. All other installments can be found at DC Comics Potpourri.

The Champagne And Apple Cider Series

The married life of Clark and Lex.

Champagne And Apple Cider I (3/29/07)

Clark and Lex celebrate their anniversary.

Chapter One: The Secret

Chapter Two: Clark, Lex, And Sin

Chapter Three: Happiness Is A Warm Clex

Champagne And Apple Cider II: Midnight Supper (1/3/15)

Lex waits for Clark to show up for their New Year’s Eve supper.

Diamonds 'N' Emeralds (6/22/07)

Lex's life is turning gray.

Crystal-Clear (7/7/07)

Clark and Lex deal with the aftermath of Zod's possession of Lex.

Emerald Dust (9/2/07)

Being trapped in a cave-in brings out certain hidden truths for Clark and Lex.

Chapter One: All That Glitters

Chapter Two: Family

Chapter Three: Payment Due

Chapter Four: Clexian Conversation

Conqueror (10/31/07)

Lex has statues that come to life.

Chapter One: The Perfect Place

Chapter Two: Marble Hearts

Chapter Three: American Royalty

Chapter Four: Fire From Heaven

Chapter Five: Friday Night

Chapter Six: Humble Pie

Chapter Seven: Helen Of Troy

Chapter Eight: Hourglass

Chapter Nine: First Snow

Trust (6/1/08)

Lex has visited Clark at the Kent farm dozens of times before. Today will change everything.

The Song Of The Belle (6/19/08)

When Lex finally holds the secret of Veritas in his hands, he reflects on the journey to get him this far.

Friday Night Lights (6/25/08)

A change of routine leaves Lex rattling around in an empty mansion.

Foundation (8/20/08)

Can Lex fight his possession by Zod?

Chapter One: The Hidden Corners Of My Mind

Chapter Two: The Room With The Purple Doorknob

Chapter Three: Field Of Dreams

Chapter Four: "It's A Kryptonian Thing"

Chapter Five: "Kneel Before Zod!"

Chapter Six: Crack'd

The BBC (Clark/?) (9/26/08)

Lois is suspicious of Clark’s social calendar.

Emerald Heart (Clex, Clark/Ollie, Clark/Lana) (SV) (2/10/09)

Green is definitely Ollie’s color.

The Good Life (4/7/09)

What if Clark never had superpowers?

Chapter One: Clark Kent Of Smallville

Chapter Two: Clark Kent Of The Smallville Register

Chapter Three: Lex Luthor Of Smallville

Chapter Four: Clex Of Smallville

Spiced Pumpkin And Whipped Cream (10/10/09)

Clark loves the coziness of autumn, especially when it comes complete with Lex. Oh, and there’s some Halloween magic thrown in here, too. ;)

Light's Promise (1/16/10)

Lex makes a decision.

"Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?" (1/3/11)

Lex gets an unusual visitor to the penthouse. Or maybe just his method of visiting is unusual.

The Three Men And A Baby Bird Series

Can three strong personalities like Clark, Lex, and Bruce make it work?

Three Men And A Baby Bird I: An Invitation (Bruce/Lex, Clark/Lex, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Bruce/Lex) (1/4/11)

Lex regrets past choices as he accepts an invitation to the Kent Farm.

By-The-Sea XI/Three Men And A Baby Bird II: American Family Values (Clark/Bruce/Lex) (7/1/11)

An unconventional family enjoys a day at the beach.

Crowning Glory (5/13/11)

A special banquet makes Lex nervous.

"Somebody Save Me!" (5/19/11)

Zod’s cruelty brings out certain truths.

Lemon 'N' Orange (5/23/11)

An engagement party promises a new future for Clark and Lex.

Tastes Like Sunshine (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (6/14/11)

The Kents invite Lex to take part in a family celebration.

The Stolen Heart (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (6/21/11)

When the kingdom falls into starvation and despair, Prince Alexander seeks a solution.

Bleeding Kansas (Clark/Lex, Chloe/Lana, Jonathan/Martha) (SMALLVILLE BIG BANG) (10/28/11)

A Secret from Smallville’s past haunts Clark and Lex.

Chapters 1-10

Chapters 11-17

Chapters 8-27

The Cottage In The Woods (Clark/Lex, Bruce/Lex, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Bruce/Lex) (11/25/11)

When Prince Lex falls in love with a beautiful farmboy, trouble ensues.

Chapter One: Love's Price

Chapter Two: Haven

Chapter Three: Magic, Wild

Garden Of Eden (1/3/12)

In a cold world, can Lex find warmth?

The Christmas Party (1/16/12)

Lex has a Christmas emergency! Clark comes to the rescue. ;)

Watercolors (2/11 & 28/12)

Love is like watercolors. ;)

"Property Of..." (Clark/Lex, Clark/Bruce) (4/30/12)

Clark has to come clean about certain events when Bruce was out of town.

House Hunting (Clexian-Style) ;) (5/1/12)

When Clark and Lex go house hunting, it’s a major project! ;)

Look Deep (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (5/6/12)

Clark and Lex are compelled to be true to themselves.

Golden Fried Dough In All Its Glory (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (10/31/12)

Martha is in charge of the Halloween Festival and dragoons Lex into helping this year.

Silver Bells Glisten (1/18/13)

Clark and Lex enjoy time together by a warm fireplace.

Sunburst 'N' Lavender (3/11/13)

Lex is eager to make his way in the world.

Dinner Invitation (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (7/7/13)

Lex accepts an invitation to dinner at the Kent Farm. Yes, there will be loving descriptions of food! ;)

"You Are My Wings..." (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (2/2/14)

A lonely young Prince finds the love of his life in an enigmatic farmboy.

At Peace (11/9/14)

Lex and Clark spend some quiet time together.

Rainbows At Dusk (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (12/25/14 + 1/21/15)

Clark and Lex help search for a missing child.

Hot Cocoa (5/8/15)

Clark brings a special present to lift Lex’s spirits.

Damsels In Distress (5/18/15)

Clark and Lex frantically search for Lois and Chloe after they are kidnapped.

Picnic (6/26/15)

Clark and Lex enjoy a picnic on a perfect day.

The Death's Rain Series

Clark and Lex's romance against the backdrop of the World War I era.

Death's Rain I: Ghosts (7/2/15)

The Influenza Pandemic ravages Smallville in the autumn of 1918.

Glittering Spires (8/4/15)

Lex gets carried away with planning his wedding to Clark.

The Clexmas Stocking Stuffer Series

Stocking Stuffers written for
clexmas Winter Holiday Gift Exchanges.

Clexmas Stocking Stuffer #1: Chapeau Santa (12/24/15—12/28/15))

Clark enjoys seasonal fashion. :)

Clexmas Stocking Stuffer #2: Sprawled (12/25/16—12/30/16)

A quiet interlude in Lex’s library.

Clexmas Stocking Stuffer #3: Even Aliens Eat Breakfast, Don't They? (1/5/17-1/19/17))

Clark tells Lex his Secret.

The Bells Of Not-So-Saintly Clex (12/28/15 + 1/20/16)

Clark has a unique problem and Lex helps him with it just in time for Christmas.

"The Way To A Man’s Heart…" (8/17/16)

Lex can’t boil water…right?

Feels Like Snow (1/3/17)

Is Lex becoming a country boy? ;)

A Christmas Miracle (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (12/28/16—1/3/17)

When Lex helps out at the Kents’ annual Christmas party, he learns some shocking revelations.

Sparkling Clark :) (2/8/16—2/19/17)

Lex receives a strange (and sparkling!) visit. :)

Feasting (11/23/17)

Clark loves Thanksgiving. :)

Purple And Yellow (4/8/18)

Lex contemplating in the garden.

Marsh Monster (Clark/Lex, Jonathan/Martha) (8/11/18)

Something wicked lives in McCready's Marsh.

Chapter One: Rage

Chapter Two: Questions

Chapter Three: McCready's Marsh

Chapter Four: The Cottage

Chapter Five: Spooky

Chapter Six: Miasma

Chapter Seven: The Witch Of The Woods

Chapter Eight: Signs

Chapter Nine: The Last Thing

Chapter Ten: A Golden Evening ;)

Chapter Eleven: Strange

Chapter Twelve: "It's Alive! It's Alive!"

Chapter Thirteen: Wisps

Gone Fishin’ (6/19/20)

Lex joins Clark down at the ol' fishin' hole.

In Smallville, Every Day Is Halloween!!! ;) (10/2/20)

During Halloween season, Smallville citizens are making strange sightings.

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