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Hurt/Comfort On Crusoe!

If you haven’t seen Crusoe yet, check it out this Friday (NBC, 9:00 EST). This week promises to be a hurt/comfort angstfest (at least by what the previews showed) as Friday is hurt, trapped beneath a fallen tree in a pit and water is rushing in and...! ;) Robinson needs help to free him. Mutineers from last week’s episode are still on the island, and I'm guessing that Robinson is going to need to get them to help him, otherwise Friday is going to die. I foresee all kinds of desperation and other good stuff! ;) They already have declared their love for each other (okay, it's like "My brother!" "My dear friend!" but you get the idea). ;) And if there's not much h/c, I shall get out the gunpowder! ;)

I find this series not only great eye candy (Mmm!) but the chemistry between Robinson and Friday is there, and you can view them as platonic or slashy. :) But even when they don’t subscribe to each other’s religious beliefs, for example, they respect them, and they are amenable to learning from the other. It’s mutual, not one man teaching the other everything. I’m sure they must get on each other’s nerves at times, the only two stuck on the island, but they have a very strong friendship (and could be more).

Great banter! Beautiful island scenery! Half-naked gorgeous guys! Need I say more? ;)
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