bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Blue New England

So, five out of six states have been called (or at least projected) for Obama. Rhode Island's projection hasn't been named yet, but if it goes Dem, it'll be a blue sweep of New England. :)

Of course it's no surprise that Massachusetts went blue. We voted for McGovern in '72, the only state (along with D.C.) to go blue that year.

Maine is a bit of a surprise. It tends to go red a lot of the time.

New Hampshire was a disappointment for McCain. He had won there in recent years during the primaries.

Vermont was the first state to be projected for Obama.

Connecticut as blue isn't a big surprise, either. :)

Pennsylvania is a HUGE win for Obama if the projection pans out.

How are your states doing? :)
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