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Voted! :)

Well, I did my civic duty this morning and as always, feel good about the act of voting. There have definitely been years in which I've held my nose and voted for the lesser of the two evils, but I vote, anyway.

The polling place was moved for the fourth time in ten years, so I was lucky that it was in a place I knew well. Three precincts are now voting in one place, and the parking isn't good and the road narrow, but that's life!

There was some socializing going on in line, which was good, because it was slow-moving, but I didn't have to wait hours on end like I've heard that some people have to. The lines earlier in the morning had stretched around the block, but I was able to walk right in with a dozen people in front of me.

It took me about five minutes to actually vote in the booth, if that. I did see a few twentysomethings, but every election there's all this talk about younger voters all fired up, and then they rarely go to the polls. Let's see if they get off their butts this year and vote.

So, we'll see how it turns out. All the pundits' talk about Obama running away with it? I am a historian, and I always remember 1948, in which Dewey was supposed to trounce Truman. How did that work out? ;)

So it's ain't over 'til it's over, my friends. Let's see who's left standing when the dust settles.
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