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Metropolis Mystery Man

"Identity" (Episode 7) (Season 8) (October 30, 2008)

Wow! Excellent episode tonight!

Clark’s finally getting it: you need a superhero identity! :) He seems like he’s warming up to the idea when he saw people’s reaction to the red-and-blue-clad Ollie, who, by the way, looked awesome in his costume! ;)

Good to see Ollie back in green leathers! ;)

I love shy Clark (zipping up Lois' dress). He should be that way. :)

Jimmy showed some sharp investigative skills here, and I thought the latest meteor freak would have to take this particular memory. Luckily not the case.

Can I get that psychic Lois visited on speed dial? The one who predicted she'd fall in love with a guy who flies and wears tights? ;)

Or is she going to fall in love with Dick Grayson? LOL! ;)

It was fun seeing everyone reading the paper and all abuzz about the future Superman.

Lois on the mystery hero’s trail? Clark better be sharp and on his toes! ;)

We all know that she gets that first exclusive with Superman. Of course, everyone will need a mindwipe when Clark starts wearing the cape (yes, you will, Clark) since he’s not going to wear a mask.

He never did as Superman. He just had to wear glasses, a different hairstyle, schlumpy clothes, and bad posture to use as a smokescreen. I’ve given up trying to figure out how TPTB get around this corner they’ve painted themselves into. I’m sure it’ll be some stupid ‘solution’ so why stress over it?

And Chloe! You know, I thought she might use the long-fingered tentacle to effectively destroy said meteor freak.

The questions here are: does she remember doing this? And it appears that she is using these new powers of hers to protect Clark and Jimmy and Lois. Did she kill whatsisname or just mindwipe him? And is Brainiac’s influence slowly taking her over?


Kara returns! And this time Lois is in the Phantom Zone with Clark? Should be interesting!

Tags: chloe sullivan, clark kent, green arrow, jimmy olsen, lois lane, ollie queen, review, smallville, superman
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