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Lois In Red Leathers

So it struck me as amusing that last night while I’m watching Smallville that I was writing my Clex fic.  Amusing in that the fic is bantering romantic and Smallville was uber-dark in this episode (“Combat”). 

I loved Lois in the red leathers!  And the femslash-implied scene with the blond bimbo?  Priceless!  She had definitely sexual chemistry with Blondie, more than she ever has with Clark but has oodles of with Ollie.  The best thing about it?  She didn’t look disgusted or relieved when Blondie walked away, just satisfied.  This girl swings both ways, methinks.  ;)


Clark’s pretty as all out, but it’s like they prettied him up even more if that was possible in this ep.  Could be we just noticed he was so pretty because he was supposed to be this lean, mean, fighting Kryptonian machine.  J


I did feel sorry for Lana in this episode by the loss of the baby.  Though of course she should be thrilled to get it out of her, considering all the sinister hints we’ve been getting, but she doesn’t know that.


Michael Rosenbaum continues to impress.  In any other actor, Lex would be a one-dimensional villain by now.  I actually felt sorry for him as he cried over Lana’s pain, despite having caused much of it himself. *shakes head*


There are times when I’d dearly love to strangle the writers and producers of this show, but I still enjoy watching it.  It keeps me interested.  Last night was especially dark and Gothic but I was hooked.  I must say that I wonder about people who just don’t hate the show but the characters but still watch it.  I occasionally check out a Smallville message board and some of the people absolutely loathe the characters.  One wanted to see Clark get the crap kicked out of him because she hates him so much!  I think I would ask: why are you watching this show? *puzzled*

Well, I was out walking today and when I turned off the radio during the commercials on sports talk radio (the NFL draft is coming up and the Patriots not only had a great free agency period in the offseason, they’re positioned to do real well in the draft), I thought about all this and just kind of daydreamed while I walked.  I don’t turn all my daydreams into stories as I’d have 50,000 stories by now after a lifetime of daydreaming, but I did write more of the Clex fic in my head and I did some more plotting for “Rainbow’s Freedom”.   

Now, I was all ambitious to do some writing and posting tonight but am sitting here reading everyone else's fic!  :) I guess we all need a break sometimes.  LOL!     

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