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Bloody Nights

"Prey" (Episode 6) (Season 8) (October 23, 2008)

Hmm, wasn’t hard to figure that Davis was the true killer. I don’t know anything about Doomsday except that he was capable of killing Superman. I don’t know if he was Davis Bloom or if Smallville is twisting canon as it usually does. Was comics Doomsday a Metropolis EMT? Is he possessed by Doomsday or someone whose human form masks his true nature?

The Clark/Chloe schism seemed natural enough: Chloe helping the meteor-infected and Clark on the trail of a killer with unusual powers. I’d like to see them knock heads again in the future.

Clark, Clark, Clark. Of course you should embrace your destiny, but you have to be careful, kid! Unless you don’t want a moment’s peace, you have to protect your identity! Doing Superman-like things without the spandex and cape just isn’t working. We won’t get into the glasses thing and why they were necessary for Clark Kent. *sighs*

I love John still in the picture. Being a Metropolis detective is what he does best.

Jimmy determined to prove who the 'mystery man' is points up how careful Clark must be!

Does anyone else get the willies when Davis reveals he knows it's Clark doing all the mystery deeds in Metropolis?

Clark also needs to learn balance. Too obsessed! He has to stay connected to a human lifestyle, and that means having a life beyond listening to the police scanner all night. A Clark that eventually doesn’t identify or connect with humanity (which might happen if he’s all work, no life 24/7) is a dangerous thing. The reason that Superman does not simply stay in his costume and cape and in the Fortress and instead lives among us as Clark Kent is because not only did he grow up that way, he instinctively knows that he needs that connection. A demi-god has to stay grounded.

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