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Appreciation :)

I just completed posting the Steve/Diana story, By-The-Sea III: Angel Baby, and I wanted to thank all who read and commented. This story was special to me, as it was written when I was going through a particularly rough patch of RL, and it applied balm to my soul. It’s sweet, romantic, and peaceful, not the usual mood of a nine-chapter story, so I appreciate people taking the time to read it and letting me know they enjoyed it. I enjoy writing a couple who love each other so much and leave the angst at the door, at least for a fun weekend! :)

I appreciate all my readers and commenters! Without you, there would be much less Bradygirlfic. Knowing that you’re giving people joy helps with inspiration, let me tell you! :)

I especially appreciate Steve/Diana fans, as we’re such a small fandom. You’ve stuck with me through writing the light ‘n’ fluffy (The Princess And The Pilot I: Terms Of Endearment), romantic (The Princess And The Pilot III: Love Day), the traumatic (Stained Glass I: Shattered), and on to this latest.

My on-line presence may be scaled back Thursday and Friday (not sure), and I’ll be off completely on Saturday and possibly Sunday as well. I may post my LJ Anniversary Fic Request sometime this week so that I can get a lot of time to allow the ideas to simmer! ;)
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