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Week 7: New England Patriots 41, Denver Broncos 7 (4-2) (Monday, October 20, 2008)

Week 7: New England Patriots 41, Denver Broncos 7 (4-2) (Monday, October 20, 2008)


In this up-and-down season, last night was definitely up! :)

The Patriots sliced through the Denver Broncos like a knife through butter. The offense finally clicked, and the Broncos barely got on the board with a lone touchdown. Gillette Stadium was rockin’ and it felt like our old Patriots back.

Sadly, during this celebratory game we lost one of our captains, Rodney Harrison. He tore his quad and had to be carted off. You could tell by the look on his face that he knew he was done for the season, and possibly his career. He’s 36 and has already come back from a broken arm and two devastating knee injuries. The crowd knew it, too, and gave him a standing ovation as he acknowledged them.

We also had injuries to two other significant players, RB Sammy Morris and CB Ellis Hobbs. We have no idea about the extent of their injuries. Hopefully they won’t be going on IR, too!

Football is such a brutal game. The team that weathers their injuries or is relatively healthy and is left standing at the end of the season has an excellent chance of winning the Lombardi Trophy.

So the Patriots did well. Will they be same next week? Stay tuned! ;)
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