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Ficcish Update While I Listen To The Red Sox Game ;)

Well, in between raking leaves, I’ve been busy writing and thinking up new stories! :)

I’m in the home stretch now for posting the third arc of Rainbow’s Freedom, having just posted Chapter Thirty-Four: Gift Of Friendship, have the fourth arc’s first draft finished, and have been making headway on the fifth arc. So it looks like more of this AU to come! :)

One more chapter of the Steve/Diana fic, By-The-Sea III: Angel Baby to go. It’s great fun to observe the happy couple immersed in the retro 1961 weekend on Cape Cod. :)

I definitely have a sequel in mind for Now We’re Two I: Rain-Washed, which was my first Bruce/Jim fic. I do have another idea for this pairing but it’s going slowly right now. I’m not sure if it’s going to be one long story or broken up into a trilogy or whatever. I am enjoying writing it, though! :)

I have two stories in the pipeline for the 2008 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. I’ve got two weeks to get them posted! Yikes!

*taps keyboard nervously* I will be coming out with my LJ anniversary fic request soon. Just working out how I want to go about it.

Gah! I have to think up prompts for this year’s World’s Finest Gift Exchange!
Tags: fanfic, writing
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