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Fic: By-The-Sea III: Angel Baby (8/9)

Title: By-The-Sea III: Angel Baby (8/9)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana
Genres: Challenge, Romance
Rating (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: 1961 was a very good year.
Chapter Summary: From a leisurely breakfast to fun on the beach, it’s a lazy Sunday for Steve and Diana.
Date Of Completion: August 20, 2008
Date Of Posting: October 17, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1034
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This fic was written when I was having a pretty bad time of things in RL, and it relaxed me to write this at a leisurely pace, simply enjoying this little world I’d constructed for Steve and Diana and just being happy while I wrote it.
A scene in Chapter One: Mr. & Mrs. O’Reilly was inspired by the illustration, With You, by min_taiwan.
This story is for the 2008 DCU Fic/Art Endless Summer Challenge and the 2008 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art Calendar Challenge (July). Prompt: Ocean.
This series is an umbrella title for various DC couples enjoying time by-the-sea. The entire series can be found here.



"Winding roads that seem to beckon you
Miles of green beneath a sky of blue
Church bells chimin' on a Sunday morn
Remind you of the town where you were born.

If you spend an evening you'll want to stay
Watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod."

Patti Page
"Old Cape Cod"
1957 C.E.

The lovers awoke later the next morning, planning a leisurely breakfast. They dressed casually in sleeveless cotton shirts, Diana wearing pedal pushers and a kerchief on her head, Steve wearing baggy shorts the length of her pants, and both wearing sunglasses.

They walked hand-in-hand to the local coffee shop, enjoying the ocean view, a church’s bell pealing clear and bright on a beautiful morning.

The small coffee shop was busy this Sunday morning, the clink of silverware and rattle of china plates and cups from the kitchen competing with conversation.

Steve held out the newspaper he had picked up at the entrance.

“Vintage Daily Planet.”

Diana took the Op Ed section. “Hmm, they are not happy with an editorial in The Birmingham News that is skewering the Attorney General.”

“Bet JFK loved seeing his brother sliced up.”

“Birmingham is where those three little girls were killed in the church bombing?”

Steve nodded. “It happened in ’63.” He shook his head. “I can’t fathom such hatred.”

Diana reached out and squeezed his hand. “May you never understand, my darling.”

They spoke of less-weighty articles and when breakfast was delivered, they were ready to eat.

Diana poured syrup over her pancakes, enjoying maple sausages and toast. Steve ate eggs, sausage and toast, stealing a piece of pancake from Diana’s plate. She smiled, drinking her orange juice.

Diana was feeling well-rested. The weekend was restoring her vitality through the quiet pace and intellectual stimulation.

Steve was the perfect companion: calm, considerate, and damned sexy.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, love. Just happy.”

Steve smiled. “Good.”

Diana glanced at the paper. “Jack, what is a drive-in?”

Steve’s eyes lit up. “Well, Rosie, m’dear, it’s a grand postwar tradition of taking your car and watching a giant outdoor screen while eating hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries…you know, healthy stuff.” He winked.

Diana laughed. “I would like to sample this American tradition.”

“Great! I haven’t been to a drive-in in years.” Steve finished his coffee. “You’ll love it, sweetheart. It’s fun and informal.”

“Ah.” Her eyes twinkled. “Very American.”

Steve laughed. “Correct, darling.”

After breakfast they returned to the cottage and changed for the beach, packing a lunch of tomato-and-lettuce sandwiches, peaches, and Coke bottles.

The day was another brilliant one, sunny and warm but not uncomfortably so. Diana and Steve exercised daily, and used swimming as their method of exercise on this weekend.

Diana gloried in the day. It reminded her very much of Paradise Island: bright, glittering, and peaceful.

When they came out of the water to eat lunch, Diana smiled at Steve.

“You’re happy, love,” he said.

“I am.”

Diamonds sparkled in gold as he brushed back a stray lock of hair. “I’m glad.”

Diana ate her sandwich, enjoying the crisp lettuce and richly-flavored garden tomatoes, the sharp tang of mustard adding a bite.

“I feel…buoyed by happiness.”

Steve’s smile was brilliant. “You deserve all the happiness in the world, Angel.”

She tossed her hair. “You are sweet and deserving of the same, my love.”

Steve reached out and grasped Diana’s hand and kissed it.

& & & & & &

When they finished lunch, they took turns applying suntan lotion to each other. Steve happily rubbed it on Diana’s shoulders, back, and thighs, then submitted to Diana’s touch.

“You’re so fair,” she murmured as her hand kneaded his shoulders.

Steve pillowed his head on his crossed arms. “Mmm, blame my Celtic and English blood.”

“You must be careful, my darling.”

Steve’s eyes were closed, a small smile curving his lips. “Always, love.”

She tapped him lightly on the shoulder. “Be serious.”

“I am.” He rolled onto his side. “I’m not a martyr, darling. I like to be free of skin cancer.”

“Good.” Diana gently rolled him back onto his stomach. Her hand ran down his back. “You are most precious to me.”

Steve swallowed. “I can say the same, Angel.”

She kissed the small of his back.

Diana settled onto her blanket and let the sound of the waves lull her to sleep…

& & & & & &

She was sitting on the beach, watching the turquoise waves lap at the shore. Palm trees bent in the wind, the white sand glittering in the bright sun. Endless blue skies reached out to the horizon, a typical scene viewed from Paradise Island.

Diana pulled her knees up, hugging them as she watched the azure skies. She felt a little restless, but that was not unusual. She had always felt at least slightly restless, even on this island of serenity.

Shading her eyes, she scanned the skies. What was that droning noise?

There! A plane in the sky!

She stood, watching as it drew closer. A contrail of black smoke trailed out behind it as it began to dive into the sea.

Diana gasped, wondering if the pilot would survive. She dove into the ocean, swimming with powerful strokes as she aimed for the plane.

She swam around the wreckage, searching for survivors. There! Sunlight glinted off sun-bright hair and she swam closer.

A man!

Fascinated to see her first man in the flesh, she reached out and touched his shoulder.

He lifted his head from the silver wing and his sapphire eyes looked straight into her soul.

“An Angel…a beautiful Angel,” he murmured.

She knew she had found the other half of her soul.

& & & & & &



“You okay?”

Diana squinted, seeing Steve’s concerned face.

“I am fine, Beloved. Why?”

He reached over and pushed a curl back from her face.

“You were mumbling.”

“Ah. Just a dream, my love.”

Satisfied with her explanation, Steve put his head back down on his arms.

Diana lightly touched his hair.

From tragedy had come her greatest joy.

Highly content, she went back to soaking up the sun.

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