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Sleepy Ruminations

*yawn* I seem to be quite the night owl lately. I'm nearly ready for bed, but I had to type up a few things first, like Clexian goodness and the next chapter of "Rainbow's Freedom". Then I decided as the last little task I'd write this.

The DC community is *so* vibrant. It's easy to be inspired to write, as people are quite good at feedback. I have so many ideas, my head is whirling!

My Muse likes to veer left and right, up and down. For awhile, when I started, it was Clark/Bruce. Then it was Bruce/Dick. I even snuck in a Clark/Dick. :) Though to be perfectly honest, I have so many balls juggling in the air that I'm always working on all the pairings. Still, the Muse likes to nudge certain couples out in front. Clark/Lex is gaining steam. I'm finally able to write them down, instead of just enjoying other people's fic. But Clark/Bruce is *really* nudging me with "Rainbow's". :)

I'm even thinking of some femslash. One of my favorite pairings is Xena/Gabrielle. In DC fandom? I find Silver Age Supergirl/Batgirl pretty hot. ;) And of course Wonder Woman must have some fun! I could write Chloe/Lana as I think they have real chemistry on Smallville. Lois has to be involved somewhere, somehow.

Anyway, just some sleepy ramblings as I dream of Clark in chains and Bruce...well, we all know Bruce makes a dynamic Master. ;)
Tags: fanfic, femslash
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