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Do You Love This Man?

"Committed" (Episode 5) (Season 8) (October 16, 2008)

So, tonight’s episode?

I’m going to swim against the tide here and say that I like Chloe/Jimmy again. I’ve always liked them before this season and I’m liking them again. So what if Jimmy embellished about his family? People lie because they’re ashamed, embarrassed, and for a lot of other reasons. Clark lies to keep himself and his loved ones safe. He wants a semi-normal life. I have no problem with him lying in that context. Jimmy lied because he was ashamed. He came clean and that’s that. Chloe still has a pretty big secret she’s keeping from Jimmy (Clark!) but that’s not her secret to tell.

I was squicked by all the sadistic torture. Ugh!

I prefer my restraints of the fuzzy pink variety, and snapped on with love. Who knew Jimmy was so kinky? ;)

Lois admitted she loved Clark? I’m not sure if he loves her yet, though, which, of course, is a complete reversal of the usual way things go. He’s attracted to her, I think, but love? Maybe not yet.

Does Clark believe Lois when he says she lied during the test? Not sure.

Ollie/Tess? Hmm, not seeing it. Though I must admit, I do like the shoe on the other foot with the woman kicking the man out of bed and just in it for the sex (so she says). ;)

Ollie had chemistry with Lois.

He has chemistry with Clark.

He doesn’t with Tess.

She’s got chemistry with Lois, too. Even better chemistry! ;)

Ollie in bed was a great picture! ;) He really needs to start getting’ it on with Clark. ;)

Ollie seemed upset about the engagement, but I don’t think it was because LOIS was getting married. ;) Probably why he went after Mercy. Rebound! ;)

Strange episode, but interesting.

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