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Fic: Witchy Women (1/1)

Title: Witchy Women (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Diana/Dinah, Zatanna, Shayera, Mari, Selina/Lois/Kathy, Linda/Barbara, Donna/Kory
Genres: Challenge, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: The women of the DCU take part in a Samhain ritual in Salem, Massachusetts.
Date Of Completion: October 14, 2008
Date Of Posting: October 15, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1880
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for the 2008 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art Calendar Challenge (October). Prompt: Magic.
Also written for the 2008 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. Prompts used: Food & Drink: Apples, Apple Muffins, Candy Corn, Chocolates/Candy, Pumpkin Muffins. Colors: Black, Yellow, Red, Silver, Gold, Purple. Traditional Elements: Witches, Pumpkins/Jack O’Lanterns, Jewelry, Candles, Athame, Houses Decorated for Halloween, Trick-or-Treating, Masquerade Ball/Halloween Party, Ritual, Moon/Moonlight, Robes. Setting: Salem, Massachusetts.

“Raven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her finger tips
Echoed voices in the night
She's a restless spirit on an endless flight

Wooo hooo witchy woman see how
High she flies
Woo hoo witchy woman she got
The moon in her eye

She held me spellbound in the night
Dancing shadows and firelight…”

The Eagles
“Witchy Woman”
1972 C.E.

Diana breathed in the scent of apples from the nearby orchard, her face tilted upward, eyes closed. Her body moved in gentle undulation, swaying back and forth as the silk of her ceremonial robe whispered over her skin.

“Mother Goddess, hear the voices of your daughters raised to you this night.”

Zatanna’s clear voice rang out over Gallows Hill outside of Salem, Massachusetts. Her robes rustled as she lifted her arm, pointing her athame to the sky.

“We have drawn the circle, the Four Quarters of North, East, South, and West enclosing us as we direct our energies to you, Sweet Lady. We offer you autumn’s bounty, taken from the Earth.”

Diana could smell the scent of ears of corn and more apples, mixed with pumpkins, gourds, and nuts piled high in the center of the circle.

Chanting voices were carried on the breeze, another group performing a ritual somewhere close.

The heavy gold medallion she wore was cold on her skin. Each woman wore a necklace significant to her, and Diana’s bore the likeness of her mother in full battle gear on one side and Aphrodite on the other.

Each also wore robes of her own choosing. Diana’s robe was shimmering scarlet, stars of yellow, blue, and white sprinkled over the silk to create a celestial pattern.

All were sky-clad beneath their robes.

“On this Night of Nights, when the Veil between the worlds grows thin, we welcome the spirits of those so grievously persecuted here…”

Hoods hid the faces of those in the circle, but Diana knew every participant: Dinah, Shayera, Mari, Kathy, Lois, Barbara, Linda, Selina, Donna, and Kory.

Diana smiled as she remembered Kory’s excitement at the explanation of ‘skyclad’.

Zatanna’s voice was mesmerizing, leading them into their chants.

“Mother Goddess, we are your daughters/Mother Goddess, we are your daughters/Mother Goddess, hear our cries.”

The women threw their heads back, hoods slipping off, and their joyous voices lifted to the stars.

Excitement bubbled up in their veins and they moved around the circle, twisting into the spiral dance, sweet feminine voices ringing clear through the air, the moon rising high.

Diana felt exultation, one with her sisters, blood pounding and a wild abandon rising up in her as she spun around, the women shedding their robes, Shayera’s wings spreading out and Kory’s magnificent hair flowing down her naked back as the chants grew louder…

& & & & & &

Quiet descended over Gallows Hill, energy still crackling amongst the women. Smiles were exchanged as they picked up their robes and slipped them on.

“Why must I put my robe on again? I like being skyclad!” Kory protested, her magnificent body silvered in moonlight.

“Because, dearest, I don’t think it’s a good idea to march down the hill into town as is. There might be a fuss,” Donna said wryly.

Diana exchanged a grin with Dinah.

“Oh, very well,” pouted Kory, bending down to retrieve her lilac robe trimmed in gold. Shayera lifted an eyebrow and Mari pantomimed fanning herself.

Selina walked with (what else?) cat-like grace over to Lois and Kathy, her robe slung over one bare shoulder. The three talked, Lois kissing Selina, who purred and laughed as Kathy shimmied into her robe. Kathy then gave Selina a light smack on a shapely buttock.

“Get dressed, Pretty Kitty.”

Selina wiggled her butt but sensuously slipped on her robe, black with silver half-moons.

“Hmm, Batwoman-on-Catwoman action,” Dinah said saucily.

Diana grinned and slipped her hand into Dinah’s, giving it a squeeze.

A few feet way, Linda smoothed Barbara’s red tresses. They gazed tenderly into each other’s eyes.

“Ladies, let’s light our candles and go down into Salem,” Zatanna said.

They formed into a group of three across, pulling up their hoods as they marched down Gallows Hill.

& & & & & &

There were plenty of spectators in town, most enjoying the spectacle, a few frowning and muttering. Diana heard, “Pagan bitches,” but ignored it. Salem had its malcontents, but the majority welcomed Witches and other Pagans. It wasn’t known as Witch City for nothing.

The candle flames flickered as they marched for the souls persecuted during the Witch Trials and for anyone unfairly persecuted.

A police car with the symbol of a Witch flying on a broom and the words ‘Witch City’ cleared their path through the streets past the Hawthorne Hotel to Derby Square where the statue of town founder Roger Conant loomed in stone Pilgrim garb. Diana liked the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery in Lappin Park better, the Bewitched star gazing out serenely at the town square as she rode sidesaddle on her broom.

The march ended in the square, the women drifting down Essex Street, passing Laurie Cabot’s Wiccan shop, Crow Haven Corner; a tailor who specialized in cloaks, capes, and robes, and a jeweler who advertised New Age jewelry for sale.

“Where’s the Pyramid Bookstore, Zee?” asked Barbara.

“Down that way…” Zatanna pointed behind them “…on Pickering Wharf.” She turned and walked backward as she said, “I have light refreshments back at the house, then we can get dressed for the Witches’ Ball.”

“What a delightful idea,” said Selina.

“The Circle of the Nine Wells always sponsors it every year. They were holding their own ritual on the other side of the hill.”

They walked down quiet side streets, far from the packed downtown, passing houses with decorated front porches, tiny pumpkin lights twinkling around railings and columns, black Witch cut-outs gracing doors, and grinning Jack O’Lanterns on steps and in windows.

Through the windows Diana could see parties or families gathered around decorated dining room tables for holiday dinners. Flags snapped on poles, black cats and ghosts and Witches the heralds.

At Zatanna’s house, the women happily partook of freshly-baked pumpkin and apple muffins, cranberry bread, sliced apples, and apple cider.

“I feel so energized, like I just flew through the sun!” Linda exclaimed, happily eating a pumpkin muffin.

The women smiled and laughed at Linda’s enthusiasm, Barbara looking at her with loving affection.

Diana ate a slice of cranberry bread, enjoying the tart flavor.

There was magic in the air tonight, Salem steeped in mystical energy. She had felt similar power at home in the Temple or grove or beach, wherever the Goddesses were invoked by ritual.

Whenever strong women come together, power exists.

Diana watched the animation of her friends. Each woman was so energetic, so vital.

Linda and Barbara glowed together, their love sweet and innocent. They were a perfect match, but then, Supers and Bats seemed to be a good fit.

Her protégé Donna was always kept hopping by the irrepressible Kory, and Zatanna, Shayera, and Mari were enjoying comradeship and sisterhood, each woman vibrant in her own way.

And there was the intriguing ménage a trois of Kathy, Selina, and Lois.

Kathy’s Batwoman persona was tough and mysterious like all the Bats, and Selina exuded alluring sexuality.

And Lois?

She was the only non-cape, a woman of iron will, whom Superman was afraid of at times (Batman, too, though he would never admit it).

And then there was Dinah.

Strong-willed, athletic, intelligent, beautiful, a leader…

Diana smiled. Truly she was blessed by the Goddesses.

“Mmm, Zatanna, all these refreshments are delicious. Did you make them yourself?” she asked.

“Yes, and the conventional way, too. No magic,” Zatanna laughed.

“Wonderful.” Diana was always impressed by culinary skills, considering her lack of them. She would have to remedy that.

“Salem is a great place on Samhain,” Lois said. “So much energy!”

“This is one of those place where the mystical forces are strong on this night.” Zatanna ate an apple slice, pleased at its sweetness.

“Very strong,” Diana said. She sipped her cider. “It has similar emanations on Paradise Island.”

Dinah nodded. “I’ve felt it in both places, too.”

The doorbell rang and Zatanna answered it, exclaiming over the children’s costumes as she handed out little bags of candy corn and chocolates.

When she returned to the gathering she laughed. “Looks like you were well-represented in the trick-or-treating party.”

“Oh?” Dinah poured another cup of cider.

“Yes. I saw a Wonder Woman, a Black Canary, Supergirl and Batgirl.”

“What, no Batwoman?” Kathy pouted.

“No Vixen?” Mari asked.

“No Wonder Girl or Starfire?” Donna grinned.

Selina swung her leg back-and-forth with a pout.

“The night is young,” Zatanna smiled.

The women raised their cups in a toast.

& & & & & &

A sparkling bevy of beauties walked down Essex Street past the Witch Museum. Diana saluted the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery and felt excited as the cold, crisp air blew in from the harbor, leaves skittering down the street as crowds roamed through Salem in revelry, dressed in costumes, glittering jewelry and feathers. When the women were noticed, the crowds parted for them with admiring looks.

Every woman wore a beautiful gown and dazzling jewelry, Goddesses of the Night as they walked regally to the Witches’ Ball.

Once there, it was glitter and glitz and good fellowship, the Armory draped in mystical swathes of black, silver, and purple, the Witches garbed in finery. A toast was said by the High Priestess of the Circle of the Nine Wells:

“Welcome to all Witches on this holiest of nights! Let your hearts soar as we celebrate Samhain!”

There was dancing and feasting, Diana impressed by the joy the Witches took in their celebration, proud of their heritage. The long tables were lavished with food as caterers served courses of salad, vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish, and rice.

The superheroines laughed and ate and drank the sparkling wine, Diana reminded of feasts on Paradise Island. She smiled at her sisters’ joy and was happy that they all fit in so well here.

“Mmm, isn’t the fish just wonderful?” Dinah asked as she ate a piece of her haddock.

“So fresh, of course, so close here by the sea.” Diana ate her own fish, savoring the flavor. “I feel very close to home here.”

Dinah looked at her with a smile. She reached out and squeezed Diana’s hand. “Good.”

A little later, Diana and Dinah danced with many other celebrants, and during a break, Diana stood by a fern while drinking another cup of wine.

“When’s the next meeting of the Witches’ Defense League?” asked a long-haired gentleman of his female companion a few feet away from Diana.

“Next Wednesday.”

“Whose house is it this month?”


“I suppose the agenda is the trashing of the shop owned by Witches in Richmond?”


Diana was saddened by the need for defense of their religion, but that was always the way of things.

Dinah came up to her and asked softly, “Why so sad, Princess?”

Diana smiled. “Just a touch of melancholy.” She touched Dinah’s face. “But all that flees with you here, my sweet.”

Dinah grinned and touched Diana’s hand.

Still entwined, they walked toward the dessert buffet.

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