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Life On Mars

I saw the pilot episode of Life On Mars last night (10 EDT, ABC). I highly recommend it!

Starring Jason O'Mara, Michael Imperioli, and Harvey Keitel, the series is about NYC Detective Sam Taylor hit by a car and waking up in 1973. It's great fun to see the differences: no cellphones, computers, CDs, TV remotes, etc. But the albums were cool and so was the music! :) It's a really good premise and the story kept me interested last night. We'll see how far women have come, and how different police methods were back then. Rubber hose, anyone?

The most powerful scene was when Sam first tried to get his bearings and looked around and saw the brand-new sparkling Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

Later, he loved visiting a record shop and hoped he could bring the albums back with him to 2008.

He was working a serial killer case in 2008 when his fiancee was snatched by the suspect; he got hit by the car, and woke up in 1973. A similar serial killer case was being investigated in '73, but '08's killer was just a kid then. Finally Sam figured out who the current killer was and realized that the killer in 2008 had idolized the original killer and used the same methods 35 years later.

Sam had two surreal experiences: when dozing while watching TV, he suddenly realized the doctor on the screen was talking to him, and it suggests he's in a coma in 2008.

He also heard his fiancee's voice over his car radio and knows she's safe, but he's still in 1973. Stay tuned! :)

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