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Maxima Wants A Mate!

"Instinct" (Season 8) (Episode 4) (October 9, 2008)

Hmm, interesting episode: the first half hour was nothing special (though Clark superspeeding back to feed Shelby was sweet), but things got better as the story went on. Maxima is gorgeous, and just lookin’ for love! ;)

Hot scene between her and Clark, but she and Tess were burnin’ it up, too. Man, that Mercy has chemistry with the ladies. ;)

So Maxima sensed the strong attraction between Lois and Clark. Not very surprising, eh? ;)

Good Clois banter in the early scenes, and a nice scene in the loft at the end, too.

Lana is vanilla and Lois is wild cherry? *snickers*

Is Chloe really over Clark? I think so. I just don’t think after those scenes with the sexy EMT that Jimmy’s going to be her soulmate.

You never forget your first love? Was anyone else thinking Lex in that scene instead of Lana? ;)

Clark’s worry over Chloe’s new brainpower is warranted. What if she starts taking on Brainiac’s arrogance? Everyone else will be mental pygmies to her.

For just a second, Clark was tempted to go with Maxima. He was raised on Earth and everyone he loves is here, but Maxima's people would understand him, and she's not a bad fringe benefit, eh? ;)

Who’s got the crystal? Who’s got the crystal? ;)

And this has nothing to do with the episode, but no one mentions Kara anymore? She literally vanishes off the face of the Earth, and Clark doesn’t even say, "Gee, I wonder where my cousin is?"

Clark was so woobie, being alone. Aww, don’t worry, Clarkie. Someday your Prince will come and sweep you off your feet. ;)

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