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Alfred Is AWESOME!!! (Thoughts On Trinity #19)

Alfred is AWESOME! He’s a leader of men in this new world, a former secret agent who is now an archeologist. Tarot and Jose are safe in their camp after escaping Castle Branek and the minions of Morgaine.

Alfred knows something is off, like Tarot does (her memories of the Trinity have faded, but not completely as she knows the world is off, too).

Alfred, Tarot surmises, is a very lonely and sad man, and he also says that without children to guide to adulthood, his obsessions have taken over.

He shows Tarot cave paintings that represent the Trinity, and a collection of artifacts that we know represent our favorite heroes.

Tarot does a reading for ‘Freddie’, as he likes to be called, and sees him in service…in a cavern.

"But it also feels like…like you’re a father-figure as well. Extremely strongly so to one man…and almost as strongly to a few more..."

When she and Jose depart, Alfred does utter the name, "Bruce." Does he remember everything or just remnants?

The second story introduces Desiree, a young black woman who is a guide at the National Air and Space Museum. She keeps drawing pictures of Wonder Woman when she’s not being bullied by her abusive husband. She’s also pregnant.

She’s remembering Diana, and the JLA, and meets Julia Kapatelis, who likes her art and gives her a card to contact her for future employment. Desiree sees Firestorm at the old Hall of Justice (now the JSI Courts Building for metahuman trials) and he keeps saying the world is wrong.

She begins to believe that Diana and the other heroes existed, but when she comes home, hubby burns the contents of her artist's bag (all of her artwork and Julia's card) because he’s sick of her ‘head in the clouds’ and wants dinner on the table, damnit!

For Desiree, Wonder Woman represented hope.

"But there's no hope, is there? There never was..."

So far we have what the world is missing because of the absence of Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman. Superman should be next.

And hopefully we’ll get to see the Trinity in limbo, but right now the comic is focusing on their absence.

I loved seeing Alfred, and Desiree is an interesting character. I’m even beginning to like Tarot!

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