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Goin' To The Chapel

Goin’ To The Chapel

Our recent discussions have been a lot of fun! I had an idea tonight that I thought I’d offer as a topic:

What kind of wedding would your favorite pairings (DC and/or Marvel) have? Granted, some might never marry as they don’t wish to, or work better without that piece of paper, but let’s play ‘What If?’ ;)

Would your couple go the traditional route, do the counterculture thing, be wacky, be a worldwide event? Would they marry both as their secret identities and as superheroes? Would the ceremonies differ or be similar? Can you give us any details?

If they married in canon and the wedding was shown, did it seem like the right fit when it came to style of ceremony? If not, how do you think they should have tied the knot?

This isn’t just a question about het couples. Let’s say that gay/lesbian marriage is a commonplace thing (oh, happy day!) and to get even more interesting, you can speculate about threesomes (or more) if you like! :)

Anyone for Kryptonian wedding cake?* *snickers*

*Just in case you don’t know, the Kryptonians (at least Pre-COIE) have this charming little custom of the wedding couple cutting their way out of a giant cake!). ;)
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