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Trinity #18 (Darkness And The Light)

I just had to write down a few observations of the latest Trinity. Sorry, no scans for you (I don't have a scanner) but I'm sure Jen will be putting up some soon. :)

First off, I am disturbed by Dick’s portrayal here. I understand that without Bruce, his life would have been very different. But a mobster? And a mobster in the employ of the man who murdered his parents? The only way I’ll buy that is if Zucco successfully lied to Dick about who actually committed the murders and recruited a grieving, enraged boy into his web to give him the means to exact revenge…which was probably very convenient for Mr. Zucco.

Dick is so hard-edged here. He is truly lost.

For those who think Dick might have been better off without Bruce, not so. As Bruce had Alfred and his family name and money to give him stability, Dick needed Bruce to give him that stability. If Dick was not allowed to stay with the circus, he would have ended up in foster care. He could have ended up in very bad situations, indeed.

Dick needs Bruce as much as Bruce needs him.

Donna is such a scared little bunny!

And Kara is all anger and rigid adherence to rules.

Hmm, looks like Hal in his civvies. Is he a Green Lantern in this altered reality?

And while I understand that in the ‘real world’, superheroes would probably be controlled by the Government, I’ve always loved the independence of superheroes, creating their own personas, guiding their own careers, free of Government interference. Probably why I disliked the Civil Wars storyline in Marvel so much.

This JLI just rubs me the wrong way.

Lois! She was always kick-ass, but here she’s a right-wing ranter who is so hard-edged as to be a caricature.

Ollie and the Arrows as the ‘protectors’ of Gotham? Hmm…

And Ragman and Tatters? Very interesting. Certainly scary in their own way, but nothing like the Batman. Or what is given by Robin.

Why they worked. And what people who discount Robin never get.


The loss of Robin/Nightwing robs the world of one of the DCU's greatest leaders and heroes.

Roy (still looked to be Red Arrow) was in this new world, too (and had still done drugs as a teen). We didn’t get too see too much of him, but his personality seemed close to his old one. Friendly, though with that hint of a sharp edge, too.

Mia as Speedy?

And there it is: this certainly can be a ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ scenario, seeing how the world exists without the Trinity, but what if it’s also a skewing of even that possibility?

Ollie and the big billboards and the ‘protection’ of Gotham? Of the rich and famous? Since when did liberal Ollie become a fascist?

Gotham's 'economic prosperity' is only for some.

And Dick? Would he truly become a shallow, glad-handing mobster?

Would Lois be so cold?

Or is this reality warping through the prism of the new Trinity? Is the light of the magic spell being refracted in ways that is tenuous at best? If the narrator, Charlie, can see the true reality, will others? And how strong is this new spell if the truth can be glimpsed?

The Trinity did not appear in this issue. Representations of the three of them did, and were still incredibly powerful.

The narrator of the second tale was ‘remembering’ the Dynamic Duo and described them this way:

"One was blunt darkness...the other was light and...happy."

"One made bad people scared. The other made good people hope. They made the city feel like...the sun would rise the next morning...and you’d be safe and warm in bed."

I can’t say how much I love those lines. :)

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