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Toxic In More Ways Than One?

"Toxic" (Season 8) (Episode 3) (October 2, 2008)

Loved seeing Ollie! And of course the flashbacks to his origin were interesting.

I won't get into the massive inconsistencies in this episode. I'm sure many people will mention them!

Everyone so worried for Ollie was nice to see. Lois caring for him was excellent. I always liked her with Ollie.

Not happy about this connection of Ollie’s with Tess. This smacks faintly of Mary Sue to me. This woman is suddenly all connected with everyone? Sorry, don’t buy it.

Ollie finally learns about his parents’ murders by Lionel and suspects that Clark knew. Rift! Though I have to say, please stop having the people in Clark’s life telling him he’s afraid, what he should do, etc. I know Ollie’s hurting and needs to lash out, so I’ll excuse him, but Clark has to find his own way. Enough!

As for his test, I think we know what that will be. *sighs*

Clark in a suit is always win! ;)

Tess making suggestive remarks: "That tie brings out the color of your eyes."

And Lex never giving up on a project? *subtext, subtext, subtext* ;)

Chloe as Super-Brain is annoying/interesting. I hope this newly-amped intelligence turns out to be a good thing. What worries me is that it could burn Chloe out...literally.

Was anyone else thinking Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner when Chloe was reading the computer screens so rapidly? *shudders*

I don’t see Chloe’s impending nuptials coming off if she keeps so many secrets from Jimmy yet tells Davis everything!

And Tess bumping off her attacker? I kinda liked that. ;)

Knew she was Mercy! :)

Not a great episode but not a irredeemably bad one, either. Clark worrying over Ollie is always good for bonus points to bump the rating up from bad to passable! ;)

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