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Enjoy The Birthday Goodies! :)

The birthday goodies keep on coming! I am truly blessed! :)

I received greetings yesterday from laramoon, pixiecatfish and LS, and greetings and offers of fic from milleniumrex, stinglikeabee, enderwiggin24, loopylouise123, ilyena_sylph, genclay, and pervyficgirl! And svgurl offered a story in addition to the wonderful Tom Brady pic! I am showered with fic! :)

And stinglikeabee wrote A Reason, a wonderful Steve/Diana fic that is lighthearted, romantic, and amusing with a touch of danger! :)

I also just received a Bruce/Dick tale ("The Meeting") from loopylouise123 that also stars Selina and is simply delicious! :) Check it out here.

I also received fanart from rai_daydreamer.

Omigoddess! She drew Steve escorting Diana to a ball and their beauty is awe-inspiring! Their little smiles and love is all there for us to see! Steve’s dress uniform, complete with a dashing cape, is incredible! And Diana’s gown! Absolutely breathtaking! Not to mention the gorgeous jewelry that Rai painstakingly created.

So I would highly recommend checking out the stories above for happy and saucy feelings and Rai’s My Fair Lady to be dazzled! :)
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