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Okay, so I'm sitting here working on my pro novel while alternating typing up Chapter Four of "Rainbow's Freedom" while my mind drifts to the next "RF" arc. I'm figuring, well, I've got the beginning and ending pretty well figured out, and a few middle chapters, but it doesn't look like it'll be as long as the first arc. No biggie, as I'm not planning to match the arc lengths, anyway.

Then...a revelation from on high! Or maybe from down low, considering the evil of my writing. ;) Anyway, I was running through the timeframe of the holidays: events at Halloween; at least one event in November, and at least one in December. That means a heckuva lot more chapters all of a sudden! *claps hands* I *love* it when the Muses sing their siren songs to me! :)

So it looks like I'll be filling up the rest of the Superman notebook and starting another (wish I could find the Batman notebook) with lots of words, words, words! Hmm, besides "RF", the other hot ideas nudging their way from the back of the burner to the front are the Clex fic (tentatively titled "Champagne And Apple Cider"), a handful of drabbles, and a new B/D fic that starts with poor Dick recovering from a nasty strain of flu. *blows nose* So it looks like a lot of fun to come!

Amazing how Muses work, isn't it?
Tags: muses, rainbow's freedom
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